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From the golden lights of Budapest to the cobbled streets of the Czech Republic, from the rolling hills of Bulgaria to the dramatic mountains of Slovakia, from the serene shores of Poland to the charming coast of Croatia: Eastern Europe is a kaleidoscope of natural beauty. Although Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination, there are still many traditional spa resorts and a wealth of untouched natural beauty to discover. 

A well-established spa destination is the Baltic Sea coast of Poland with its high-class spa hotels and resorts offering excellent value for money. Another one of the most popular spa resorts is Kolobrzeg (also known as Kolberg) – one of the oldest towns in Poland. In addition to effective treatment programmes for aching joints, Kolobrzeg offers excellent spa and beauty treatments in an attractive location by long, sandy beaches separated from the town centre by a belt of trees. 

Another must-visit destination in Eastern Europe is the Czech Republic, home of the world-famous spa resort Karlovy Vary, where glamorous and afforable wellness spas await you, amongst beautiful beautiful park land and nature. Karlovy Vary is the most popular of the Czech spa resorts; however, there are many others, which are perfect for a spa escape. For example Frantiskovy Lazne, Marianskie Lazne or Jachymov. The mountainous regions of the Czech Republic and its close neighbour Slovakia are well known for thermal treatments such as radon baths and masks with warm therapeutic mud or peat. Learn more about Spas in Czech Republic and Slovakia here.

Looking for a sunny destination? Head to Bulgaria or the Adriatic Coast – the warmest regions of Eastern Europe. Here you'll find high quality, affordable resorts specialising in thermal and thalasso treatments, and offering an array of various spa packages ranging from rejuvenation to slimming and Ayurveda

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