Fasting for Weight Loss

Fasting to Lose Weight

A liberating experience

Achieve your dream body with proven fasting methods

Fasting to lose weight is an age-old tradition that could be found in both eastern  and western cultures. When you cut off your solid food intake for a limited period, your body begins to burn the stored fats, releasing a vital life-energy force and activating your self-healing powers.

Fasting to lose weight is an effective method of shedding pounds and when you choose one of our fasting to lose weight programmes, you can lose weight in a gradual and controlled manner. Returning home after your stay, you will have the tips and tricks needed to ensure that your weight loss continues in a manageable manner after your holiday is over. 

In order for you to attain the best results, you must try fasting to lose weight with proper supervision in the right environment. For this reason, our fabulous 'fasting to lose weight' spa packages are very popular. Our select spa resorts and wellness hotels across the world invite you to benefit from excellent, natural 'fasting to lose weight' methods in a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere along with like-minded people. 

If you have an underlying health issue like rheumatism or diabetes, then, Buchinger therapeutic weight loss fasting packages could be a wonderful option for you to explore. This much-famous method blends juice fasting and rich-mineral water cures with walking tours, gymnastics and homeopathy to sculpt a slim and healthy body.

You could even try traditional Ayurvedic diet and fasting programmes, where delicious vegetarian food, therapeutic oil massages and lifestyle counselling will do the magic! Rainbow fruit fasting, slimming massages, Schroth weight loss therapies, and so many more wonderful and inexpensive weight loss packages await via SpaDreams to make you fit, active and healthy. 

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