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Health Spa Hotels

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Health spa hotels or spa clinics are specialised institutions that deal with people's health. They are also sometimes referred to as sanatoriums or health farms. These real "temples of health" offer incredibly exciting and diverse opportunities to enjoy a wonderful and completely relaxing spa break. Here, we offer you a comprehensive overview of the best health spa hotels worldwide, specialising in specific types of therapy, treatments or nutritional diets. You can also find information on what to expect when visiting your health spa resort.

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What Makes Health Spa Hotels and Spa Resorts So Special?

Holistic Concepts, Specially Developed by Experts

Health spa resorts often have a their own holistic healing concept as developed by experts and constantly updated with research. This means they seek to not only heal a specific illness or symptom, like in hospital, but also to improve the health of the body as a whole and understand how this is interlinked with habits and environment. Whether your spa break includes massages, hydrotherapy, beauty treatments or healthy nutrition, the aim is to find a comprehensive solution to your health problem and improve the overall state of your health and wellness.

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A Pristine and Beautiful Environment to Promote Healing

A well-maintained and beautiful environment also promotes the healing process. Whether you are looking for luxury or practicality, think of the cozy hotel rooms, welcoming lobby and delightful spa area as well as the various restaurants and other public areas you will enjoy during your spa break. These are always lovingly designed, well thought through and make the guests feel at home. Calming and delightful, the surroundings of the hotel, such as gardens, parks, nature and fresh air, create a feeling of pure relaxation and tranquillity. The wellness areas are often real oases, which inspire you to stay just a little longer and deeply enjoy your spa holiday.

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Expert Care

Everything comes together in spa hotels: friendly service staff, highly trained and dedicated therapists and first-class medical professionals. The medical team takes time to meet and get to know you personally. They will then try to understand your needs and health problems and help you improve your health and phyiscal fitness. So you can even continue your healthy journey after you've left, spa doctors will provide the tips and advice, such as meal plans and physio exercises, that you can follow at home.


Your Health is an Investment

Anyone who invests in their health, can expect something in return. That's why spending your money on a holiday in one of our top health spas has so many long-lasting benefits. By visiting a spa hotel, you can feel like a welcome guest and have all the delights of a normal holiday while simultaneously improving your health. Our carefully selected range of health spa hotels has an excellent price-performance, meaning they are the perfect way to invest in your health.

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Specialised Spa Hotels

In addition to their beautiful locations, you can also choose your health spa hotel based on its specialisation. They can specialise in certain types of treatments, specific therapy treatments or in the treatment of a specific disease. Don't worry - the spa doctors and specialists who have valuable experience in this area will take good care of you. Discover some of our most popular specialised health spa hotels and learn more about the different treatment options.

Top Health Spas with Special Facilities

Wheelchair-Friendly Health Spa Hotels

These health spa hotels have barrier-free access to the hotel itself, usually also to all spa areas and within the rooms wider doors for wheelchairs and associated bathrooms. Please note: indicate your exact needs at the time of your request/reservation. It is not guaranteed that all rooms/areas of the hotels are wheelchair accessible. We will check your requirements in advance so that everything runs smoothly on your spa holiday.

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Health Spa Hotels for Seniors

In these health spa hotels, we have short distances between facilities and few stairs. The bathrooms will also have associated handrails to facilitate mobility. Please note: please indicate exactly whether you have any restrictions when you request/book. In this case, we want to check exactly whether the health spa hotel is suitable for you.

Health Spa Hotels for Seniors

Family-Friendly Health Spa Hotels

Many of our spa hotels specially cater to families, without reducing the overall calm and relaxation of the holiday resort. While your kids enjoy fun activities at the daycare club and even massages designed for them, you can relax in peace with your spa therapies and reunite in the evening to share your experiences of the day over a delicious meal.

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Health Spa Hotels with Special Catering

For those who follow a special diet, you can continue to do so during your holiday. Whether vegetarian, vegan or diabetic, we have hotels that cover your needs. Even our own SpaDreams team comprises many different dietary requirements and therefore it's important to us that you can select these hotels.

Choose your health spa hotel according to your diet:

Special Nutrition Concept during Your Spa Holiday

Travel and Savings Tips for Your Spa Hotel Booking

Book on Time

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm! The same is true when booking your spa trip - you will actually find more early-bird discounts than last-minute deals. This is simply because health spa hotels like to start the season planning early, as it is necessary to ensure that sufficient trained staff, therapists and physicians are available on-site for the therapeutic treatments and wellness programmes. Book your spa break on time, preferably at least 3 months in advance!

Flexible Travel Dates and Duration

Spa resorts offer exciting wellness and spa programmes. In the case of treatments, the programmes are usually offered in one-week programmes. As a result, they often have the best price/performance ratio for stays of 7, 14 or 21 days. For spa and wellness programmes, hotels and resorts often offer a flexible programm of 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days or whole weeks. So leave your dates open to see all the most attractive hotel deals.

Plan Your Stay During the Week

Start your stay on a weekday: for short stays in a spa hotel there are often special rates for stays from Monday to Thursday or until Friday. So if you are flexible in your planning, consider travelling during the week. In addition to cheaper prices, there are usually fewer guests in the spa and spa areas.

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