Health Spa Hotels in Europe

Health Spa Hotels in Europe

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Health Spa Hotels in Europe – Are you looking for your personal healing and relaxing journey in Europe? On this page you will find information about our spa hotels in Europe. We also introduce you to the different therapy forms in our health retreats in Europe, exciting activities, best travel times and much more. Read on to find out more or contact us directly – our team of experts is happy to help you and book your dream healthy holiday for you.

Our Most Popular Health Retreats in Europe

Spa resorts in Europe – Your journey to a healthier you…

… starts here! Welcome to the stunning diversity of our health spas in Europe. Welcome to different cultures, traditions, therapy forms and landscapes. From central to southern Europe, at SpaDreams you will find some of the best health retreats and medical experts in Europe to guide you on your journey to a healthier you. Home to breath-taking landscapes and century-long traditions of healing therapies, spa hotels in Europe don’t disappoint!


You are longing for a health holiday to unwind and enjoy the picturesque outdoors to support your journey to a healthier you? Poland promises nothing less: With outstanding packages specialised dieting and weight loss as well as the long tradition of natural spa treatments, you will find your dream health holiday at a reasonable price. The mild coastal climate at the Baltic Sea, green forests, and white sandy beaches invite for great adventures next to your stay in one of our health spa hotels in Poland.

Health Spa Hotels in Poland
Health Spa Hotels in Poland


Breath-taking nature, cities full of historic treasures and a warm-hearted population: This is Hungary. Whether you are looking to explore the capital Budapest during your spa experience or want to dive into the century’s old thermal tradition, our health spa hotels in Hungary will make it happen for you. Over 2,000 years ago, the power of natural springs was discovered in Hungary and since then thermal bathing has become an important part of the country’s culture. Families, friends, tourists and people with health issues gather in the historic and warm thermal pools, enjoying world-class thermal treatments of the Hungarian bathing culture.

Health Spa Hotels in Hungary
Health Spa Hotels in Hungary


Visiting Austria truly feels like entering a magical world full of natural beauties. Experience the unique alpine views and breathe the clear mountain air while taking a walk amidst the colourful heathland in summer. Visit Austria’s winter wonderland when you’re a winter sport lover and enjoy some of the best ski slopes. The unique alpine climate is beneficial for everyone and especially for those with lung, heart or chronical diseases. Another option would be the treatment with the noble gas radon. Some of our health spa hotels in Austria also include a drive into the well-known Healing Gallery in Bad Gastein.

Health Spa Hotels in Austria
Health Spa Hotels in Austria

The Czech Republic

Known for its vibrant “golden city” Prague and its affordable prices, the Czech Republic is the perfect holiday destination for culture lovers. But did you know that the Czech Republic has a long history in medical spas and thermal therapy as well? Cities like Marianske Lazne or Karlovy Vary have some of the best health spa hotels in the Czech Republic. Programmes mostly focus on treatments with natural spring water. Another important therapy form in the Czech Republic is complex healing. Please read on to learn more about the different therapy types.

Health Spa Hotels in the Czech Republic
Health Spa Hotels in the Czech Republic


This European destination is truly a must see if you’re looking for an exciting medley between nature, culture, culinary and medical expertise. Each part of Germany attracts with its own unique scenery, traditions and sights: In the northern part, you will be awaited by a fresh sea breeze on the North and Baltic Sea and the beautiful Lüneburger Heath. With its cultural and historic sights, Central Germany offers you many options for an exciting weekend city trip while relaxing with exclusive spa treatments. Southern Germany on the other hand welcomes you with breath-taking mountain scenery, green shady forests and delightful cuisine. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Ayurveda experience, spa treatments or exceptional medical expertise, we will surely find the perfect health spa hotels in Germany for you.

Health Spa Hotels in Germany
Health Spa Hotels in Germany


Have you experienced La Dolce Vita yet? Known for pizza, pasta and co., Italy does not only attract with its cuisine: Whether you’re a nature lover and want to learn more about Europe’s three active volcanos (Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius), all located in Italy, explore Italian architecture or dive into the Italian lifestyle during your stay in one of our health retreats. Our health spa hotels in Italy are especially known for Fango mud therapy; the supreme discipline of a relaxing holiday. People often visit our hotels for thermal wellness holidays as well as to simply unwind. Many of the programmes offered also give them a better understanding of their bodies through detox and weight loss programmes.

Health Spa Hotels in Italy
Health Spa Hotels in Italy


With its unique flair and mediterranean climate, Portugal is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Experience the real Portugal by watching dolphins from your balcony, try Portuguese delicacies and relax with exclusive treatments in the best health spa hotels in Portugal. We are happy to find the perfect holiday in Portugal for you!

Health Spa Hotels in Portugal
Health Spa Hotels in Portugal


Just imagine: warm sun rays on your skin, azure blue, warm water and endless possibilities to reset. You can experience all of this on your trip to one of our health spa hotels in Spain. If you want to discover the Spanish spa culture and cuisine you can perfectly combine it with caring for your wellbeing and uplifting your spirit by the sea. Our hotels in Spain are specialised in spa and relaxation programmes targeting your wellbeing and uplifting your spirit. Spain is also home to supreme Ayurveda treatments and Thalassotherapy while the warm climate in spring and summer supports your healing journey. Another popular travel theme of Spain is detox & dieting.

Health Spa Hotels in Spain
Health Spa Hotels in Spain


Health spa hotels in Slovenia: in the midst of glistening lakes, breath-taking landscape or bustling cultural cities, our health retreats in Slovenia are a famous destination for health holidays. From thalassotherapy and thermal wellness treatments with water from the natural springs on the Adriatic coast to the traditional holistic healing approach Ayurveda - you’re spoilt for choice. With individual nutrition and exercise plans, soothing aroma massages, and energising activities, our hotels provide excellent programmes for diet and slimming as well.

Health Spa Hotels in Slovenia
Health Spa Hotels in Slovenia


Endless forests, graceful cave formations, wide mountain ranges, deep valleys with wild waterfalls is what creates Slovakia’s stunning landscape. Here, nature is still what it should be. One can find true silence and calmness while exploring historic and hidden treasures of the country. Countless mineral springs are one of them: their water and mud create healing qualities. Experience Slovakia’s special wellness experience in one of our health spa hotels in Slovakia.

Health Spa Hotels in Slovakia
Health Spa Hotels in Slovakia
Health Spa Hotels in Europe










The most popular therapy forms in Europe

The powerful Fango therapy

This unique therapy form is the application of mud on your skin with wraps, and masks, sometimes even through mud baths. Fun fact: Did you know that you can also lose some weight through mud treatments? The healing powers of natural remedies are more beneficial than we often think. You can book Fango therapy in some of our most beautiful spa resorts in Europe, especially in Italy.

Diet and Slimming for a healthier you

Our health spa hotels in Europe offer some of the best and effective diet programmes. Our most popular ones are located in Poland. Programmes usually cover a nutrition and exercise plan and consultations with the doctor in the beginning and at the end of your stay.

With the diverse surroundings, Slovakia provides ideal conditions for a vital and active holiday. Enjoy your weight loss journey with different activities and nutritious, healthy food.

Spain is home to exclusive wellness clinics offering modern macrobiotic diets and activity programmes combined with luxurious hotel comfort often directly by the glistening sea. 

If you feel like Italy, we offer you amazing detox and slimming programmes.

Thermal wellness tradition

Besides many thermal health resorts, Hungary has the second largest thermal lake of the world – Lake Héviz. Located in the most important bath town in Hungary, Bad Héviz, this medicinal lake is especially beneficial for guests with joints diseases or skin issues. Other thermal wellness destinations are Italy, Germany, AustriaSlovenia and the Czech Republic. All of these destinations own hundreds of natural springs and have a century-long tradition and expertise in this type of holiday.

The healing powers of Thalassotherapy

In our spa resorts in Europe, Thalassotherapy is a very popular therapy form. Thalassotherapy uses the fascinating healing benefits of the sea. Using sea salt scrubs, underwater massages, seaweed packs and more, our health retreats in Europe guarantee an exiting and effective spa experience. The best health spa hotels in Europe for Thalassotherapy are in Spain and Slovenia

Spa & Relaxation

If you’re looking for relaxation and time to escape your daily stress, our health retreats in Europe are the perfect choice. You don’t have to travel far to experience some of the best spa and relaxation programmes we offer. Enjoy your time-out in stunning destinations at the Baltic Sea in beautiful Poland or with Mediterranean climate in Spain. Or discover other SpaDreams welness and spa destinations in Europe.

Complex healing therapy programmes

This type of therapy focuses on tackling the individual needs and goals of guests with advanced medical conditions. The best complex healing therapy programmes can be found in our health retreats in Europe, more specifically in the Czech Republic.

Authentic Ayurveda in health spas in Europe

This therapy form originates from India and Sri Lanka and is a holistic healing approach using the determination of the three Doshas to bring body, mind and soul in balance again. Depending on your Dosha type, therapists will create a special nutrition plan and treatments for you. Our health spa hotels in Europe offer authentic Ayurveda treatments as well. Especially German therapists are often trained in India or by Indian Ayurveda experts. Hence you can experience your authentic Ayurveda experience without travelling far. If your body and mind feel off balance and you always wanted to experience authentic Ayurveda, you’ve come to the right place. Other popular Ayurveda destinations in Europe are Spain and Slovenia.

Intensive medical treatments

Some of our health retreats in Europe offer intensive medical treatments as well. Radon therapy in Italy is one of them. The noble gas Radon is mainly used to treat and sooth joint problems and breathing issues. Other health spa hotels in Europe are specialised in Medical wellbeing holidays and therapeutic fasting. Germany are especially popular for therapeutic fasting and offer some of the best treatments in Europe. German doctors are well-known for their medical education and knowledge as well as for being highly empathetic and supporting. In Slovakia you will find exclusive medical spa hotels focusing on complex healing, intensive spa and intensive medical spa treatments.

FAQ - Travel and Saving Tips for Health spas in Europe

What is the best time to travel to my health retreat in Europe?

For first-time travellers to Europe, it can often be difficult to decide when to travel to European countries. There is no single “best” time to travel to Europe as this also depends on the preferences of the travellers. We want to give you some guidance which part of Europe you can visit during the different seasons.

Central Europe(Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland) - The best time to travel to Central Europe is during the shoulder months May and September. Travelling during these months, you can enjoy many outdoor adventures while relaxing and healing in one of our health spa hotels in Europe. Let your heart be captured by colourful landscapes, warmer temperatures and an attractive event calendar. If you prefer cooler temperatures, sportive outdoor activities and dreamy walks in the snow, you should definitely visit our health retreats in Central Europe during November and December. Our thermal therapy countries, Hungary and the Czech Republic are especially popular during the colder months. Due to the strong steam development over the water levels in the natural springs and the constant warm temperatures of the natural springs and lakes, your thermal treatments become extra effective for your health.

Southern Europe or Mediterranean Europe(Italy, Spain) - The best time to book your spa hotel in Southern Europe is during the warmer months, early autumn and late spring. During these months, you will not only avoid higher prices and tourist crowds. But you will also enjoy the warm temperatures of the water during a relaxing beach day and strolls in the surroundings while healing and recovering in one of our health retreats in Europe. Even though we recommend travelling during the warmer months, Fango therapy, Thalassotherapy and all other spa therapies can be booked throughout the whole year.

What is the recommended duration for a stay in my spa resort in Europe?

Depending on your personal (medical) needs during your health holiday and to also benefit with long-term effects from your therapy, we recommend a minimum stay of 1-2 weeks for all therapy forms we offer. If you’re looking for relaxation and spa treatments, a weekend can already be effective. Please contact us for individual advice.

How do I save money when booking a health spa hotel in Europe?

When booking a health retreat in Europe, we always recommend booking a spa/therapy package with diverse treatments instead of single treatments. This will be the most cost-effective option because you can already book your treatments and packages before your trip to one of our spa hotels in Europe. If you also book in advance, you can additionally benefit from our “Early Bird Special”, often with specials up to 20% off on stays and packages. Why wait? Contact us and book your health spa hotel in Europe today!

What are the best spa hotels in Europe?

Poland: Long Vita Czapielski Mlyn (Diet and slimming)

Hungary: Hunguest Hotel Panoráma (Thermal wellness), Grand Margaret Island Ensana Health Spa Hotel (Wellness and Spa, Medical holidays), Lotus Therme Hotel and Spa (Thermal wellness and therapy, radon)

Austria: Quellenhotel Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf (Thermal wellness), Das Alpenhaus Gasteinertal (Wellness, Spa, Detox), Q! Resort Health and Spa (Vital holidays, fasting)

The Czech Republic: Spa and Kur Hotel Harvey (Medical wellness, wellness)

Germany: Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker (Fasting, Detox, Kneipp therapy), Heritage Ayurveda (Authentic Ayurveda), Wellnesshotel Seeschlöschen (Spa and wellness)

Italy: President Terme Hotel (Fango), Hotel Terme Igea-Suisse (Fango), Hotel Terme Quisisana (Fango, Wellness + thermal relax)

Portugal: Galosol Hotel (Active Recreation), Hotel Galomar (Wellness), Ayurveda Hotel Alpino Atlântico

Spain: OCEANO Hotel Health Spa Tenerife (Thalassotherapy, Detox), Hotel Botánico and The Oriental Spa Garden (Ayurveda, Wellness, Slim and Fit), Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet (Thalassotherapy), SHA Wellness Clinic (Detox, Anti-Stress, active)

Slovenia: Hotel Plesnik (Ayurveda), Hotel Radin – Terme Radenci (Thermal wellness, mineral water treatment), Hotel Smarjeta (Slim and Fit, Detox)

Slovakia: Ensana Esplanade Gesundheit Spa Hotel (Complex healing, thermal wellness + therapy), Ensana Splendid Health Spa Hotel (Medical wellness, Stay)

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