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Health Spa Hotels in Germany

Health Vacations in Relaxing Landscapes

Are you looking for a spa hotel in Germany with high quality treatments or would you like to do a therapeutic fast in a calm and natural environment? Then you have come to the right place. SpaDreams has a large selection of health spa hotels and health programmes in Germany.

Our Most Popular Health Spa Programmes in Germany

Our Most Popular Programmes in Germany

Discover our fantastic Spa Resorts in Germany! Did you know that our parent company Fit Reisen GmbH is German? Therefore, we have multiple corporations with German hotels and are experts for health programmes in Germany.

Vital & Active Holidays: Germany has a surprisingly diverse landscape. Walking along the beaches of northern Germany, relaxing with the sound of the sea, cycling through wild and unknown landscapes or getting lost in fairy-tale forests in the south. Bike through the vastness of the Lüneburger Heide and then swim in a brine spa at your health spa hotel. All this is Germany.

Therapeutic Fasting Holidays: Our fasting programmes are ideal for starting a healthier lifestyle, trying a new fasting method, detoxifying the body and losing weight. With the professional support of our hotel partners, both beginners and advanced will find a suitable diet programme. Have you heard of Buchinger fasting? This fasting method was invented by the German doctor Dr. Otto Buchinger and can be found in many of our German hotel partners programme offers. Other types of fasting offered in German health spa hotels are the Schroth therapy, fasting according to F.X. Mayr, alkaline fasts for beginners and advanced, intermittent fasting and more.

Ayurveda Retreats in Germany: If you want to feel the beneficial effects of Ayurveda on the body and mind, you don't have to travel far. There are many spa resorts in Germany that offer authentic Ayurvedic treatments. Enjoy for example an herbal massage or a typical oil treatment. German doctors have many years of experience in the field of Ayurveda.

Medical Wellbeing Holidays: At the heart of these programmes are curative treatments that are prescribed according to the personal needs and goals of the guest. Each therapy programme is unique and tailor-made and uses elements of hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, physiotherapy and medical diagnosis. These packages are ideal for general wellness or to treat specific health conditions.

The Most Booked Health Spa Hotels in Germany

If you already know that you want to book a spa resort in Germany, use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them according to your personal preferences. This way you can find the best health spa hotel for your needs.

Holidays in a Health Spa in Germany

Germany is not only the land of poets and thinkers, but also of an impressively beautiful and diverse nature. From huge mountain ranges to almost endless widths, from the breath-taking coastal landscapes of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to enchanted forests, everything can be found in Germany. The rich and traditional culture as well as the numerous historical cities make the country a very attractive tourist destination in all seasons.

Discover our fantastic spa resorts in Germany! SpaDreams has a large selection of health programmes and as our parent company Fit Reisen GmbH is German, we are country experts.

Treatments of High Medical Standards

Germans are known for their discipline and desire for perfection, which also affects German wellness and health programmes. With countless treatment offers, everything is done to make your holiday an unforgettable, relaxing and beneficial experience. Medical standards in German spa hotels are among the best. This is due to the long tradition of spa hotels and spa treatments dating back to the 1970s. 

By booking a holiday at one of the health spa hotels in Germany, you no longer have to worry about anything. In our partner hotels you will be treated by highly qualified professionals. Careful initial examinations, professional care throughout the entire stay and modern nutritional methods guarantee a healthy balance of body, mind and soul. During your stay, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, without the stress of daily life caused by work or personal problems.

Health Spa Hotels in Germany
The German Alpine Landscape
Spa Resorts in Germany
Medical expertise in our health spas in Germany

Discover Our Best German Destinations

We will introduce you to the most beautiful regions in Germany so that you can choose a health spa hotel that you feel most comfortable in - discover the diversity of Germany!


Health Spa Hotels in the North of Germany

The Frisian Sea and Hanseatic Cities

Many guests appreciate health spas in the north for their proximity to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In summer the area is not as hot as the Mediterranean Sea and has an almost wild atmosphere in spring and autumn. For a healthy holiday on the German North Sea we can recommend spa resorts on the island of Juist, with its coastal climate. Sea water, sea breeze, walks on the beach and then deep relaxation in your health spa hotel.

About 60 kilometres from Hamburg our health spas are not far from the heather fields of Lüneburg (Lüneburger Heide). The beautiful, colourful landscape is not only attractive during the flowering of the heather at the end of the summer; numerous paths for cyclists and hikers invite you to make excursions all year round. 

The most common programmes in spa hotels in the north of the country are wellness and relaxation stays, different types of fasting (such as the Schroth Therapy), active holidays and also some Ayurveda programmes.

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Health Spa Hotels in the Centre of Germany

Central Germany has many river valleys and hilly landscapes to offer. Therefore, stays in health spa hotels in central Germany invite you to take long walks through the picturesque landscapes. These hotels are located in particularly green areas and the fresh and healing air is perfect for improving your health.

If you are looking for an authentic Ayurveda retreat, you will surely succeed in our spa resorts in Central Germany. There are a variety of offers, from two-day trial programmes - or advanced programmes such as a two- to three-week Panchakarma stay. Health spa hotels in Germany specialise in Ayurveda and have a lot of experience. Many spa resorts work with Ayurvedic doctors from India to offer you the most authentic experience possible.

Apart from that, you will find fasting programmes such as Buchinger fasting, wellness programmes, anti-stress, detoxification, or treatments for certain health problems such as skin issues in our health spas in central Germany.

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Health Spa Hotels in the South of Germany

Bavarian Forest, Bavarian Alps & Black Forest

In the Bavarian Forest Natural Park, not far from the Czech border, it is not difficult to leave everyday life behind. Due to the different altitudes of the mountains, which range from 300 to 1400 meters, the climate is varied and is characterised by Central European and continental influences. In spring and summer, the region is popular for its healing climate and clean air. In winter, snow up to 3 meters high is not uncommon. One thing is for sure: In Spa Hotels surrounded by idyllic forests, romantic lakes and natural streams, you can let peace and tranquillity finally return to your life.

Most of our health spa hotels are located in Oberstaufen, a small town in the idyllic Allgäu, which became famous for the Schroth priest. Today it is the only officially recognised spa in Schroth. The Schroth therapy is used for metabolic diseases and weight loss. It is based on a diet of dry food, sweat compresses at night and an alternation of rest and exercise. Recommended for diabetics, problems with high blood pressure, rheumatism. 

The region is not only known for the Schroth fasting, but also for the Kneipp treatments. Sebastian Kneipp, the founder of the Kneipp therapy, was a priest in Bad Wörishofen, which is a little closer to Munich. In the 19th century he spread his knowledge of the healing power of water throughout the region and today southern spa hotels are experts in this field. 

Discover the healing power of thermal water and enjoy the wonderful landscape of southern Germany. From Oberstaufen and Bad Wörishofen it takes about an hour to reach the magical Neuschwanstein Castle, a fairy-tale castle that is really worth a visit.

The Black Forest, a mountainous region in southwestern Germany that borders France, is another region in which we have many spa resorts. It is known for its dense forests and picturesque romantic villages. No matter if you fast according to Buchinger, enjoy a week of Ayurveda or unwind during a wellness stay, one thing is for sure: In a hotel with a spa in the Black Forest you will never get bored because there is so much to discover in the region.

In our health spas in southern Germany you will find the right programme for your individual wishes. Whether it's a Kneipp treatment or a therapeutic fast, programmes for the locomotive system, for burnout or to combat stress, there's nothing you can't find in our health spa hotels in the south. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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Spa Resorts in Germany
What about a relaxing afternoon in the dunes of the Baltic Sea?






Health Spa Hotels in Central Germany
Sauerland, a region in the centre of Germany






Health Spa Hotels in the Centre of Germany
Enjoy the landscape in Bavaria
Health Spa Hotels in the South of Germany
View at the historical Neuschwanstein Castle
Health Spa Hotels in the South of Germany
The Black Forest - One of the most beautiful places in Germany

Discover Your Spa Resort in Germany

Tips For Your Health Holiday in Germany

When to Travel

Best Travel Season: Holidays in German Spa Hotels can be made throughout the whole year. However, the most popular seasons are spring, summer and autumn. The climate in spring is usually very pleasant and the trees bloom, perfect for an active holiday on bicycle or for hiking. You can also carry out a fasting treatment to start the year with new energies.

The summer is usually sunny but not too dry and hot, especially in central and northern Germany. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea offer a welcoming refreshment during the hottest days.

In autumn, parks and forests are wonderfully colourful. Especially in the southern regions, the climate remains very pleasant even until October. The ideal time for your active or detox holdiays.  

In winter many people from all over the world come to visit the charming Christmas markets. Experience the magic of Christmas in Germany, while enjoying high quality wellness or medicinal treatments in spa resorts in Germany. Snow often falls in the south of the country.


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Health Spa Hotels in Germany

Maximum and Minimum Temperature (°C) in the North, Centre and South of Germany

Max. Temp. North (Bad Bevensen)3481317202222181374
Min. Temp. North (Bad Bevensen)0014811141411730
Max. Temp. Centre (Bad Salzschlirf)46111620252625201696
Min. Temp. Centre (Bad Salzschlirf)-3-40261011117511
Max. Temp. South (Oberstaufen)2481317212322191573
Min. Temp. South (Oberstaufen)-5-4-127101212940-3

How to Travel

Germany has a high density of airports, so it is always worth checking if there is a small local airport near your health spa hotel. If there is no airport close to you, the following three airports are the best option:

Hamburg Airport (HAM) for spa resorts in the north.

Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA) located in the centre of the country.

Munich Airport (MUC) for all destinations in the south.

From the airport we recommend to continue the trip with Deutsche Bahn. You can book the connection in advance, or the same day at the station. For the best price you should book a few weeks in advance. The Deutsche Bahn website is available in several languages, including English. Our travel experts will be happy to help you with the arrival at your health spa hotel in Germany. Most hotels usually offer transfers from the airport or the nearest train station, we can arrange this as well for you.

Please contact us for individual information.  

How to Safe Money

  • Book in advance: Germans love order and planning, and this also applies to hoteliers, who would like to know in advance how the season will go. German hotels therefore offer early booking promotions instead of last-minute offers. It is therefore worth planning your trip ahead of time (we recommend 3 to 4 months). In Germany, it is not uncommon to book a year in advance.
  • Travel during the week: If you are completely flexible in terms of the days of the week, consider booking a stay from Monday to Friday. In some hotels there are interesting offers that are usually cheaper than weekend stays.
  • Book treatment packages: The packages offered here at SpaDreams are usually much cheaper than individual treatments booked at the hotel itself. Make sure you have the best price/performance ratio.

10 Reasons to Book with SpaDreams

  • Great Hotel Selection
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • 99% Happy Clients
  • 40 Years Experience
  • Expert Advice
  • Personalised Holiday
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Support from Start to Finish
  • Data Protection
  • Latest Travel Trends

5 Reasons to Book a Spa Holiday in Germany

  • Traditional Spa Hotels
  • Excellent Medical Competence
  • Varied Leisure Activities
  • Diverse and Individual Nature
  • Interesting Culture
  • Fair Value for Money


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