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Lose Weight in a Week

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Start to lose weight in a week

Designed to help you starting losing weight within a week, SpaDreams offers you a huge range of hotels and packages to provide you with all the advice and steps needed to achieve your dream weight loss. With many programmes to encourage gradual lifestyle and diet changes, our weight management holidays mean that you can take the first positive steps to a healthier lifestyle and begin to lose weight in a week.After an initial medical consultation, the doctor will provide you with a fitness regime and diet plan, consisting of five small, but nutritious daily meals. You will enjoy aqua gymnastics and massages as well as have access to swimming pools and fitness facilities.Each of our Hotels can help you lose weight in a week in beautiful surroundings. With a host of excellent facilities and services, each of the Hotels we offer is of the highest quality, in the best locations. Whilst away, you will be surrounded by high quality facilities and outstanding staff to help you lose weight fast.Furthermore, don't just think that the weight loss stops after your week stay- the tips and tricks available are designed to gently ease you back to your best you. Book a holiday with SpaDreams today and get ready to lose weight in a week! 

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