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Luna y Sol Ayurveda Hotel

Authentic Ayurveda - arrive and feel good

Holistic centre offering authentic ayurvedic treatments for better health and wellbeing located amids mango and avocado plantations, just 30 km away from Malaga.

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee


from 3 nights, double room, breakfast

  • Mineral water, tea, fruit
  • Participation in the activity programme

We have already calculated the following discounts for you:

$6 Special Discount per person, per day

$2 Special Discount per person, per day

Telephone booking code: 62AP6


Ayurveda & Yoga Break

from 5 nights, single room, full-board

Get to Know Ayurveda & Yoga

Relax & feel at ease as you test the waters of Ayurveda & Yoga.

  • Ayurvedic full-board
  • Spring water, tea, fruits
  • Dosha consultation
  • Introduction: ayurv. Day routine including starter package
  • Participation in the activity program
  • Transfer: Malaga airport (10:30 am - 6:30 pm)

Per 5 nights:

  • 2x individual ayurvedic massage
  • 1x Tibetan sound bowl massage
  • 1x Ayurveda lecture
  • 3x yoga

Telephone booking code: 62AP9


Ayurveda Rasayana Treatment #1 Best Seller

from 7 nights, single room, full-board

Deep regeneration for the mind, body and soul. Increase your life energy and free trapped nerves for more vitality and youth.

  • Ayurvedc full board
  • Mineral water, tea, fruit
  • 1x Dosha test
  • 1x Abhyanga full body oil massage
  • 1x Svedanabox sweat treatment
  • 1x Pristabhyanga back massage
  • 1x Samvahana Massage
  • 1x Mukabhyanga Ayurvedic beauty treatment
  • 1x Garshana silk glove massage
  • 1x Shiro Dhara- forehead oil flow
  • 1x Reiki
  • 5x Yoga
  • Participation in the activity programme
  • Transfer: Malaga airport (10:30 am - 6:30 pm)

Additional week

  • 5x Ayurveda treatment adapted to your doshatype
  • 5x Yoga

Recommended for the following conditions

Stress / Exhaustion

We have already calculated the following discounts for you:

$152 Special Discount per person, once per stay

Telephone booking code: 62AP1


Ayurveda Slimming Treatment #2 Best Seller

10 nights, double room, full-board

Here, the quick slimming effects of body Detox are combined with the holistic Ayurveda treatments.

  • Ayurvedic full board
  • Mineral water, tea, fruit
  • 1x Dosha consultation
  • 5x Detox colour footbath
  • 1x Abhyanga full body oil massage
  • 1x Svedanabox- Ayurvedic sauna
  • 1x Pinda Sveda- herb bag massage
  • 1x de-acidification bath
  • 1x Shirodhara- forehead oil flow
  • 1x Pristabhyanga back massage
  • 1x Mukabhyanga ayurvedic beauty treatment
  • 1x Garshana silk glove massage
  • 3x Reiki energy balancing
  • 5x Yoga
  • Participation in activity programme
  • Transfer: Malaga Airport (10:30 am - 6:30 pm)

Telephone booking code: 62AP2


Ayurvedic Cleansing Treatment

13 nights, single room, full-board

  • Ayurvedic full board
  • Mineral water, tea, fruits
  • Darm Fit Natural products for 4 weeks
  • 1 x Ayurvedic consultation, Dosha determination test
  • 7 x Ayurveda morning ritual: nose and mouth cleansing, oil pulling, body oil rub down
  • 2 x Abhyanga full body massage
  • 1 x Svedanabox (depending on the Dosha)
  • 2 x Garshana silk glove massage
  • 1x Ayurveda Ani-Stress Massage
  • 1x Shirodhara
  • 1x Mukabhyanga beauty treatment
  • 1x Tibetan singing bowl massage
  • 6 x Body detox footbath
  • 1 x De-acidification bath
  • 3 x Jewel stone energy balancing
  • 1 x Excursion
  • Participation in Activity programme
  • Transfer: Malaga airport (10:30 am - 6:30 pm)

With 14 nights additionally:

  • 1x head oil massage, gentle peeling massage of face, neck, décolleté

With 13 nights additionally:

  • 1x Shirodhara
  • 1x Mukabhyanga beauty treatment
  • 1x Tibetan sound bowl massage

Telephone booking code: 62AP3


Luna y Sol Ayurveda Hotel in detail

Your Holiday Destination

☀ In one of the most beautiful areas in the Costa del Sol, the Luna y Sol Ayurveda & Seminar Hotel awaits you. Amongst the Avacado and Mango plantations, you can enjoy a Spanish-Arabian ambience and an Indian way of life. The region east of Malaga lays safely in one of Europe’s unique climate zones. Even in the dry high summer season, it is still very green, thanks to the many fruit trees and plants.

Your Ayurveda Resort

Luna y Sol is situated amongst the abundant, green vegetation on a hill with a view over the sea, around 2km away as the crow flies. The property ‘La Allegria de la Minda’, with a main house and a guest house, stretches out over 4 large levels of garden and has a fountain with ample water all year round. Guests can walk to the coast in the summer over a dry riverbed. Behind the house guests can go directly to hike in the mountains. The hotel is lovingly furnished according to the principles of Vastu-Shastra, the 5000 year old traditional Indian architecture and unites the Hotel, seminar house and holistic practice. It is under the management of both proprietors, who caringly look after their guests. Here guests can find more joy, rejuvenate and regenerate.

How You Reside

The guest house with forecourt, picturesque fountains and Arabian sitting spots is home to 9 individually furnished, Arabian-Indian style double rooms. Carefully decorated with a walk in wardrobe, seating areas, ceiling fan, heating, safe, shower, toilet, bidet, hairdryer and bath robe. Hand towels for the pool and beach can be requested. Apartments with a sea view for 2-3 people on request. In two separate areas each has a double bed. The sofa in the dining and living area can be additionally folded out into a double bed. The fully equipped kitchen also has a kettle, coffee machine, espresso machine, hand mixer and spring water. Bathroom equipment: shower, toilet, bidet, hairdryer and cosmetic mirror.

Description of available rooms


Fresh ingredients are combined to create food with Andalusian elements according to Ayurvedic nutritional principles. Mornings, lunchtimes and evenings there are buffets for all Doshas, with fish and chicken available on request. Shaded breakfast terrace in front of the main house with WiFi, which is used as a winter garden in the colder months. Snack bar in the garden with fresh pressed fruit juices, tea and coffee.

Ayurveda Centre

Here guests will find a holistically orientated offers fir health and wellness. A team of experienced therapists under the leadership of healing practitioner Seba Maria Blass, who is also a Reiki master and intensified her Ayurvedic education in India, and looks after all guests’ wishes and requests.

Free Time

Enjoy time out in the library and TV. On the 2nd garden level there is a saltwater pool, a sunbathing area and Jacuzzi area. A quiet area leads directly to a large seminar and yoga room, whose warm quiet atmosphere is ideal for creativity, concentration and leisure, as well as for groups. Fig and orange trees, to which guests may help themselves, grow on all three levels- all guaranteed to be organic. A perfect place for Yoga, Qigong or Zen Archery – all available on the lowest level, with the large lawn. Occasional excursions, for example to the ‘White Villages’ or whale watching (for a fee).
Active programme with Zen archery, oriental dance, Mandala painting, Smovey movement programme and Yoga Nidra (around 1x session a week).

Additional information

Nearby Airports
Málaga Airport (AGP): (aprox. 49 km / 39 minutes)

Transfer included (10:30 am- 6:30 pm), otherwise approx. €50 per way/car (reservations at SpaDreams, payment on spot)

Good to know

Ayurveda by Luna y Sol

The goal is to have Ayurveda treatments in their authentic form and to still mediate and take into account regional factors. Despite this there is neither air conditiong nor a TV in the room. 'Peace and relaxation the body and soul' is the saying.

The food follows the Ayurvedic principles of eating certain foods, which satisfy each of the three Doshas. For the treatments, primarily organic oil is used- either seasame, almond coconut or avocado oil, depending on the Dosha.

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Luna y Sol Ayurveda Hotel
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