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Rheumatoid Arthritis

How to Treat Arthritis

Appropriate treatments prove to be especially effective in the early stages of the disease and they can stop its development. Unfortunately some of the treatments (e.g. fango wraps) are unsuitable for acute forms of arthretism. Effective treatments include:

  • balneotherapy – poultices and body wraps with use of therapeutic peat
  • fango – wraps with use of mineral mud
  • thermotherapy – muscle relaxation and pain reduction through application of very high or very low temperature (cryotherapy)
  • electrotherapy - electric currents are used to stimulate muscles and joints
  • laser therapy-LEDs are applied to change the cellular function
  • magnetic therapy- use of magnetic fields to cause bones and joints to heal
  • Kneipp therapy (hydrotherapy) – use of hot and cold water, herbal baths compresses and hydromassage.

For a comprehensive treatment the above methods should be complemented with massages and physical exercises supervised by a specialist.

Best Destinations for healing rheumatisms

Comprehensive rheumatism treatments are available in many resorts across Europe and beyond. The treatments usually combine different therapies (above) for maximal effectiveness. Many attractive spa resorts are inspired by the traditional, natural, locally available remedies:

  • Thermal waters. The healing properties of the European thermal springs have been appreciated since the Roman times. Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia benefit from particular abundance of mineral thermal waters and offer spa resorts with long tradition.
  • Sea water. Thalassotherapy is based on the use of sea water, algae and sea salt, which nourish skin. SpaDreams resorts in Cyprus, Croatia, Portugal and Greece offer thalassotherapy in the sunniest spots of Europe!
  • Healing mud. Different kinds of mud and clay are used for cosmetic and medical wellness. The best results for rheumatism are achieved through use of fango available mainly in Italy and black mud from the Dead Sea, which is widely used in Jordan and Israel.

Quality medical wellness for rheumatism is offered for example at Danubuis Hotels in Budapest and other spa resorts in Hungary as well as in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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