Medical Conditions


How to cope with stress?

Prevention is the best way to avoid long-term, deep psychical problems, which may require consultation with a specialist. Many of us do not know how to cope with stress and find holidays the only time when they can relax and regain inner balance; therefore SpaDreams offers a wide range of relaxing holidays. The vast majority of SpaDreams resort have own, extensive spa and wellness facilities offering relaxing treatments as well as medical wellness. In fact most of our resorts are perfect havens for the ones, who look for peace and tranquillity.

Not everybody has time for long holidays, however even short breaks from work and daily duties help regain balance and recharge batteries.

Popular holiday choices to de-stress

  • Pure wellness – SpaDreams offers hundreds of hotels specialised in pampering spa packages.
  • AyurvedaAyurveda provides especially effective relief, for those who suffer from imbalanced lifestyle.
  • Yoga holidays- Yoga is a well-known way to cope with stress and find harmony.
  • Thalassotherapy and beach holidays – Perhaps there is nothing more relaxing than vacation at the seaside combined with spa treatments with use of natural, sea products (salt, algae, mud).
  • Activity holidays – If you prefer active leisure and want to boost the production of hormones of happiness, you definitely have to check out our hiking, golf, nordic walking and other activity holidays.

Most Popular Hotels For Anti-Stress Treatments