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Spanning three continents, the Middle East is one of the most diverse regions on the planet. From a lonely oasis glittering in a remote desert landscape, to a buzzing market, where scents and sensations mingle into a conglomeration of colours and cultures: the sights of the Middle East emit a certain kind of magic. 

With a long and tumultuous history, the Middle East is home to scores of World Heritage sites. Perhaps even more spectacular than labyrinthine cities, ancient temples and other man-made wonders in the Middle East are the natural treasures hidden in this region. Nestled on the border between Israel and Jordan lies an incredible natural phenomenon: the Dead Sea. Well-known for its natural healing powers, the Dead Sea is located at the lowest point on Earth. This unique climate allows for healthy sunbathing for long periods of time, whilst the high saline content of the water is extremely effective for alleviating skin diseases and problems with the musculoskeletal system. Located close to the shores of the Dead Sea, near to high quality, professional medical centres, our partner hotels in Israel and Jordan are perfect for undertaking a Dead Sea cure in complete comfort.

The Dead Sea isn't only famous for its healing properties - it stretches from Jordan to Israel, meaning that both Qumran, the cave in Israel where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, and the legendary city of Petra in Jordan are within reach from its shores. 

Heal specific complaints with a Dead Sea cure, relax and feel your worries float away, or discover some of the planet's most fascinating places - whatever your desires, SpaDreams can help you design your ideal holiday in the Middle East!

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