Netherlands Holiday

Holidays in the Netherlands are remarkably relaxing. Picturesque cities and windmills, a wide view of endless rivers and canals and lavishly colorful tulip fields invites you to linger and enjoy. The uncomplicated and open-minded nature of the people will make your holiday in the Netherlands a pleasant and relaxing experience of a very special kind.

Facts & Figures

Official name: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Location: Western Europe, between Belgium and Germany located on the North Sea Coast
Area: 41.528 km²
Capital city: Amsterdam
Population: 17.012 million
Religious and Ethnic groups: 28% Roman Catholic, 19% Protestant, 42% non-religious / 80% Dutch, 5% from EU countries, 3% Indonesians, 2% Turks, 2% Surinamese, 2% Moroccans
Language: Dutch (official language), Frisian
Geography: Flat country with rolling hills in the southeast. Highest point: Vaalserberg (322m)
Time zone: Central European Time (UTC + 01:00)
Political and Economic: Parliamentary monarchy, GDP: 697 billion (EUR 2016)
Currency: Euro (since 2002)

Arrival and departure

The journey to the Netherlands is possible by train, car, bus and by plane. The Netherlands has one of the largest airports in Europe, known as Schiphol Airport.

Vaccinations: No inoculation regulations
On site: The roads of the country are considered good, the rail and air network and ferry services to England have also been widely expanded.

Climate and best time to travel

The climate in the Netherlands is temperate-maritime with cool summers and mild winters.
Winter average temperature: 3°C (average minimum temperatures around 0°C in February)
Summer average temperature: 17°C (maximum temperatures of around 21°C in July)
Water temperature: 18°C in July
The Netherlands are worth a visit during any time of the year. The best time to visit the coast is from June to August, since bathing in the North Sea is more comfortable during these months.

The most beautiful holiday regions

Limburg hill country - Wind-mills and vineyards
Coastal Region - Watt and historic villages
South – Hills, countryside and carnivals

Public holidays and celebrations

New Year (January 1), Good Friday (April 14 / March 30), Easter Sunday (the first Sunday after the Passover), Easter Monday, Queen's Birthday (April 27), Liberation Day (May 5), Ascension Day (39 days after Easter Sunday), Whit Monday (7 weeks after Easter Sunday), Christmas (25/26 December).

DOs and DON'Ts

•    Go cycling. Even if it is cliché, there are over 29,000 km of cycle paths, which allow you to tour the country from a very special angle.
•    Visit the museums. The Netherlands have the highest density of museums in the world, there is something for every taste.

•    Misunderstand their directness. The Dutch do not want to offend you or to come off as rude, but it is common practice in the country to address (almost) everything in a direct manner.
•    Drink alcohol in public areas. It is against the law and can result in fines.
•    Walk on the bike paths. The Dutch take bicycling very seriously and pedestrians are not welcome on the bike paths.

Holiday tips

Can you drink the tap water? The Dutch tap water is generally safe to drink.
Do I need an adaptor? Yes if you are coming from outside continental Europe.

Top tips and discoveries

Amsterdam masters the balance between small town coziness and cosmopolitanism. With the narrow canals and tall office buildings from the 17th century, a kind of enchanted intimacy can be found in the city, which blends uniquely with the modern mentality and the colorful cultural offerings and nightlife. Whether it's a boat trip through the city's rambling canal, a tour of its museums and historic sites, or a break in one of the countless cafés and bars - Amsterdam is always worth the trip.


Utrecht is the lively and bustling heart of the Netherlands. As a university town, the place is young and dynamic and always bustling; which blends wonderfully with the historic charm of the city, whose cobbled streets evoke pleasant images from times gone by. Whoever wants to climb the tower of the imposing St. Martin's Cathedral will be rewarded with a magnificent view over the medieval buildings and countless gardens of Utrecht.

West Frisian Islands

The West Frisian Islands, with their wild nature, make a pleasant break from the densely populated mainland. During the summertime, grassy dunes, moorland and miles of sandy beaches await to provide the best leisure and relaxation holidays. An additional highlight is offered at low tide in the form of the Wadlopen. The Wadlopen is a very shallow sea and consists of various sand and mud-flats crossed by channels. During low tide, there are intertidal tours that are offered which allow tourists to traverse the sea by foot and walk up to these sand and mud islands.

Regions in Netherlands