Hotels in Oberstaufen

Oberstaufen - Heart of the Alps

Oberstaufen, located in Oberallgäu, the southernmost district of Germany, is an exciting destination at any time of the year and is a popular location for health and wellness enthusiasts, being an officially recognised destination for authentic Schroth fasting programmes. Thanks to its ideal location amongst the Allgäu Alps, the Bavarian town offers numerous opportunities in both summer and winter for healthy, active holidays.

Winter Paradise in Oberstaufen

During the colder months, Oberstaufen transforms into a winter paradise. With four ski areas to choose from, 28 lifts and over 40km of pistes, guests of all levels can enjoy a ski holiday in Oberstaufen.  Visitors can enjoy downhill skiing, snowboarding and sledging, as well as snow shoeing and over 100km of cross-country ski trails.  As the region has a long tradition of wellness holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to eat healthy, recharge your batteries and improve your strength – whether in relaxing a thermal spa or hiking in the alpine hills.  Walking amongst the mountains is particularly amazing during the winter, thanks to the snow-capped, panoramic surroundings and the array of mountain huts to stop in and warm up.

The region additionally boasts a 600m² ice rink with the opportunity for ice hockey, curling and skating. After a day on the slopes, complete your wellness trip by relaxing in the Aquaria Erlebnisbad thermal pools and spa. As the region is well-known for health and wellness enthusiasts, visitors can also enjoy Schroth fasting programmes, based on the consumption of a calorie-reduced diet and plenty of fluids, the use of cure packs and combining rest and exercise.

Summer in Oberstaufen

 During the summer, outdoor activities including hiking, cycling and golfing are popular in the lush green landscape. Enjoy the fresh mountain air, local healthy meals and experience the flora and fauna the area has to offer. The region is in fact home to one of the oldest trees in the country - the “Ureibe bei Steibis” yew tree is estimated to be between 600 to 800 years old and can be visited just ten minutes from Oberstaufen.

Choose between premium hiking trails, with a choice of light and short walks to more challenging mountain treks. Hochgrat Mountain – the highest mountain in western Allgäu at 1834m – is particularly popular, with numerous walks, hikes and mountaineering possibilities available. Summer tobogganing is possible on the Hündle Mountain during dry weather for those of all ages. Oberstaufen also offers two golf clubs, mini-golf, cycling routes and tennis courts.

The surrounding region has countless sights that should not be missed. Lake Constance (Bodensee in German), is located approximately 40 minutes from Oberstaufen and lies at the foot of the Alps with three connecting bodies of water. Thanks to its beautiful surroundings, Lake Constance is one of the most popular attractions within the region.  As one of the largest lakes in central Europe, visitors can enjoy numerous activities along the shoreline – from visiting local villages, museums, taking a boat trip and cycling along the shoreline. Mainau Island - also nicknamed the “flower island” with its diversity of exotic flora – is one of the most popular attractions on Lake Constance.

Located approximately 1 hour from Oberstaufen, the historic, fairy-tale like Neuschwanstein Castle is not only one of the most popular attractions in the region, but the whole of Germany. Commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria, the 19th Century castle overlooks the village of Hohenschwangau and offers guided tours of the castle to over 1.4 million guests a year. There are various hiking trails in the castle’s surroundings that are particularly popular during the warmer months.


As a part of Bavaria, Oberstaufen is rich in culture and celebrates many festivals and events throughout the year, with a particular focus on folklore events. When planning a holiday in Oberstaufen, keep in mind these traditional events worth seeing:

  • The Almabetrieb is an annual event in Oberstaufen – as well as many alpine regions in Europe – and refers to the “cow train” to move the cattle down to the valley during the colder months. The event often involves elaborately decorated cows, alpine music, dances, games and local dishes. The Almabetrieb takes place every year in September.
  • “Fasnatziestag” is celebrated annually on the same day as Carnival in February, but is an independent and unique tradition celebrated only in Oberstaufen. The custom dates back to 1635, and was used to celebrate life after the plague resulted in the loss of many of the inhabitants of Oberstaufen.
  • Every February, the Winter Triathlon takes place in Oberstaufen with competitors completing 5km of running, 12km of mountain biking and 8km of cross-country skiing. This can be especially fun to watch whilst on holiday in Oberstaufen.
  • Oberstaufen not only offers fit and active holidays, but excellent hotels with healthy cuisine,  detox programmes, beautiful landscapes and peace and quiet for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday in Germany.
  • If this has inspired you to explore more of what the country has to offer, discover our range of offers throughout Germany.