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Thinking of going to a spa hotel in Germany? Germany’s varied landscapes, richly cultural cities and charming spa towns make it the perfect destination for your relaxing spa holiday. Most of our spa hotels in Germany are located amidst green nature and provide not only superior spa treatments, but also many opportunities for outdoor activities.

Read on to find all the key information to start planning your dream spa holiday.

States in Germany and Spa Variations

Here you find a general overview of the different states in Germany and the highlights of the different Spa hotels contained within each.

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North Rhine Westphalia
Rhineland Palatinate
Lower Saxony


A region along the Baltic Sea, Schleswig-Holstein has a coastline full of white sand bays, fjords and cliffs with mainland countryside of rolling hills and lakes, making an idyllic setting for many of the best spas in Germany. The northernmost of the 16 states, its capital city is Kiel and much of its town and culture shares roots in Scandinavian heritage. Another city known for its art galleries, operas and exiting night life is Hamburg and is not too far to visit from spa hotels in this area.

Spa Highlights: Buchinger fasting, nature therapy, relaxation techniques, physiotherapy, acupuncture, Nordic walking, yoga, swimming pools, finnish sauna and much more…

Unique: Golfing parks and beautiful beaches




Also sharing the Baltic Sea coast, some of our best spa hotels in Germany lie in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region including three national parks, white chalk cliffs, sandy beaches and mystical forests such as the ‘ghost forest’ of Nienhagen.

Spa Highlights: aroma whirlpools, amethyst sauna, laconium, epidarium, flower & herb grotto, ice fountain, vital experience showers, sultan bath, classic spa and massage therapies...

Unique: Relaxation on the beaches of the Baltic Sea




If you are looking for a wellness vacation and a city spa break, a spa holiday in Berlin is the perfect choice. With numerous parks and lakes as well as a vast range of stimulating activites at your doorstep, from dancing to museum-exploring, a spa holiday here will leave you both cultured and care-free.

Spa Highlights: Specialist Ayurveda centre, Sensory showers, Ottoman steam baths, Finnish dry hut, sun roof terrace, hot chocolate massage and more…

Unique: Many art galleries and cultural programmes at your front door




Many of our spa hotels in Germany lie in Brandenburg, a region well-known for its well preserved nature. This region offers you delightful spa holidays amongst beautiful wetlands, canals and the UNESCO biosphere reserve Spree Forest.

Spa Highlights: Graduation spa, Ayurveda therapies, indoor beach and indoor tropical rainforest and bali lagoon, underground water slides, tropical sauna, Thai-massage, Lomi Lomi Nui, Ayurveda, Hot Stone and much more...

Unique: Sailing around the Lusation Lake District or hiking in the Spree forest




From the Harz National Park and mountains in the south-west to the flat lands of the German plain in the north, Saxony-Anhalt offers a variety of landscapes and historical and cultural activities such as the medieval fort Schloss Wernigerode and the gothic Catherdal in Magdeburg. A wellness vacation in this region will not disappoint. In particular, the 1,200-year-old Bischoffsstadt, Halberstadt has a beautiful old town centre and a large spa wellness area.

Spa Highlights: Swimming pool with massage jets and counter current system, sauna, steam bath, Finnish sauna, Kneipp pool, tropical rock grotto with sounds from the bird world, resting area and summer lilies, solarium and much more…

Unique: Yoga and hiking in the Harz National Park




A large number of our spa hotels in Germany lie in the southern region of Bavaria, famous for its Oktoberfest beer drinking and high yearly sunshine bathing its lakes and mountains.

Spa Highlights:  Schroth therapy, Naturopathy, Kneipp Hydrotherapy, craniofacial therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy for pain relief, swimming pools, whirl pool, mud wraps, Ayurveda treatments, specialists from India, weight loss programmes and much more...

Unique: Sailing on Lake Chiemsee or skiing in the Alps




The state that is home to the famous Black Forest, Baden-Württemburg is also one of the sunniest areas of Germany and boasts a mild Mediterranean climate in places. This setting makes the perfect accompaniment to some of the best spas in Germany.

Spa Highlights: Outdoor brine pool, Kneipp facilities, meditation and relaxation room, Japanese gardens, panoramic lawn, barefoot path, thermal spring bathing, Roman-Irish Bath, mud bathing and much more…

Unique: Hiking around the Black Forest




The far north border of Thuringia meets the border of lower Saxony and the Harz mountains. Known as the green heart of Germany and home to Germany’s most well-known hiking trail, the Rennstieg, this region is the perfect location for spa hotels with a focus on hiking and nature. There are also castles and traditional medieval towns.

Spa Highlights: 8000m2 naturist hot spa, bamboo sauna, salt grotto, earth sauna, smoke sauna, Thalassa cosmetics, and Balinese treatments

Extra: Cycling around sunny Lake Constance




A state full of beautiful forests as well as luxury in the financial centre that is Frankfurt, Hesse is also known for its Roman spa town Wiesbaden and its thermal spa town Bad Wildungen.

Spa Highlights: Alkaline fasting, thermal spring, mineral water pools, giant Jacuzzi, massages and beauty treatments with products from Klapp and Babor, Eifel-mud baths, Ayurveda treatments and much more…

Unique: superior Golf Park



North Rhine Westphalia

Flowing through this region is the mystical river Rhine, lined by many leafy green parks and ancient castle ruins. Alongside two of Germany’s friendliest (and liveliest) cities – Cologne and Bonn, the region is known for its quaint spa towns and some of the best spas in Germany.

Spa Highlights: Kneipp basin, sauna, ginnish saunas, and pool with bubble beds, Jacuzzi, solarium, thalasso and Ayurveda specialists

Unique: Skiing in Winterberg, yoga in Teutoberg Forest



Rhineland Palatinate

A southwest German state which borders France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Rhineland Palatinate is known for its wine groves and beautiful rolling hills along the Moselle River, making it the perfect setting for relaxed spa hotels in Germany.

Spa Highlights: Buchinger fasting, Europe’s first scenic-therapeutic park with 7 different gardens, naturopathy, steam baths

Unique: Nordic walking in the midst of the volcanic Eifel nature park, cycling along the Rhein and exploring the myth-infused castle ruins.



Lower Saxony

Several of our spa hotels lie in the northern German state of lower Saxony, one of which is not far from the lively cultural centre of Hamburg and another of which is on the island of Juist in the North Sea. The south east border of this region runs through the low Harz mountain range and due to its fertile soil the area has successful agriculture. Enjoy walks along the several rivers that run through the region and explore the key German cities of Bremen and Hannover.

Spa Highlights: Schroth Diet, Almased Vital Diet, iodine-brine thermal baths, Finnish sauna, organic sauna, infrared (physiothermal) cabin, sun shower, Kneipp basin

Unique: Horse riding in the country side and day trips to Hamburg, boat trips to the North Sea islands




Saxony is the region containing the famous Rackotzbrücke and the East German cities of Dresden and Leipzig. With 850 years of wine growing plus various castles along the Mulde Rivers and the Elbe running through Dresden, you will have no shortage of either outdoor or cultural activities to accompany your wellness vacation at a spa hotel in Germany.

Spa Highlights: Finnish-, bio-, steam-, earth- and log house saunas, plunge pools, sensory Gardens

Unique: Hikers and cyclist paradise

If you'd like more information, read our page on health spas in Germany to discover our natural thermal spring hotels and the specifically targeted medical and health benefits. The best known spa resorts in Germany, with thermal or mineral water springs, have “Bad” (the German word for "bath") in their names, for example Bad Orb, Bad Griesbach, Bad Berleburg and many more. Click here to read about all of the natural spring ‘bathing’ towns and the medical wellness benefits they offer.

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