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Weight Loss in Europe

Our weight loss holidays offer more than just slimming. We believe that a weight-loss holiday can be a life-changing experience, and the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle. The programmes we offer go far beyond calorie-counting and are health and vitality oriented. One of our favourite destinations for a weight loss holiday is Europe, which is the home of many original detox, fasting and weight loss diets. Our weight loss retreats are situated in the most beautiful corners of Europe and provide perfect conditions for a relaxing stay. 

Want to lose weight without stretching your wallet? Weight loss holidays by the Baltic Coast of Poland or in the traditional spa resorts of Hungary are the best option if you want to get into shape without ruining your budget. For advanced weight-loss, fasting and detox treatments, the best destination is Germany, where you can easily combine your weight loss programme with various outdoor activities such as Nordic walking or Activity holidays.

Forget the stress of everyday life and focus on your own body, this is what you are able to do in one of our Weight Loss hotels in Europe, which you can find depending where you are, whether on the coast, in the low mountain ranges or even in the Alps. They all have one thing in common, they result you in a successful Weight Loss holiday.

Would you prefer a sunny destination? Portugal, Spain, Italy and Slovenia are our picks when it comes to the best weight loss programmes in the Mediterranean. Choose one of our weight loss programmes in Europe and make your dream body a reality come true. 

If you cannot decide between large selections of our hotels in Europe where you would like to travel, then we are of course always happy to help you search for your dream destination!

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