Weight Loss in the Mediterranean

Weight Loss in the Mediterranean

Shed pounds on sunny beaches

Our Most Popular Weight Loss Holidays in the Mediterranean

Weight loss with a Mediterranean twist

Lose weight under sunny Mediterranean skies! Good mood and psychical condition are usually underestimated when it comes to the effectiveness of weight loss treatments. In fact, dieting is far easier when you are relaxed, calm and happy! Known for its relaxed atmosphere and mild climate, the Mediterranean is a perfect destination for a pleasant weight loss holiday.

Weight loss programmes in our resorts in the Mediterranean combine all the pleasures of a relaxing holiday with effective diets and activity programmes. A weight loss holiday in a sunny destination is a great idea to mark the beginning of new healthy lifestyle. We have a wide selection of weight loss resorts situated in the Mediterranean, which offer effective weight loss treatments in a delightful ambience. 

Our favourite Mediterranean destinations offering weight loss programmes are Italy, Greece and Spain. For those searching for something a little more extraordinary, we recommend a slimming holiday in Slovenia, where you'll discover charming resorts, hidden away near the Adriatic Coast.

If you are not ready for an intense dieting programme, a detox spa holiday with a programme based on slimming and detoxifying cosmetic treatments can also help you on your way to achieving your weight loss goal.

Choose one of our weight loss retreats in the Mediterranean and see for yourself that a slimming treatment can be part of a wonderful holiday! 

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