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It is no secret that your diet significantly affects your health. SpaDreams aids you with weight loss via the special holiday offers: Weight Loss Vacations. Under the care of professionals you will receive cooking classes and nutrition counseling to help you lead a more conscious lifestyle. Why not try a Detox retreat, Fasting in Europe, or a purifying vacation?

To detox and ultimately lose weight, SpaDreams offers a wide range of hotels and retreats with packages for the ultimate Weight Loss Vacations.

Choose from a wide range and learn with professional help how to prepare and eat tasty healthy meals. In addition to nutrition counseling, Weight Loss Vacations include massages, special baths, medical beauty treatments, and sports such as Nordic Walking.

Reach your ideal weight and stay there permanently. Selecting a Weight Loss Vacation package makes it easy to lose weight, keep it off and continue leading a healthy lifestyle. 

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