Weight Loss in Western Europe

Weight Loss in Western Europe

The cradle of therapeutic fasting

Our Most Popular Weight Loss Holidays in Western Europe

Professional weight loss in beautiful hotels

Fairy-tale castles, breathtaking scenery, tranquil lakes and dramatic coastlines: Western Europe has all the ingredients for an idyllic wellness escape. Why not start your weight loss journey here with a weight loss holiday in Western Europe?

Rocky mountains, woodland trails and sandy beaches make the perfect venues for active leisure. Compliment your weight loss holiday with nordic walking, hiking, yoga or other fitness programmes for maximum calorie burning!

Western Europe is the cradle of therapeutic fasting and other modern weight loss treatments such as LOGI Diet or alkaline diet. Our retreats in Western Europe offer safe and effective weight loss with support from experienced nutritionists and spa therapists. Therapeutic fasting according to the European naturopaths such as Otto Buchiner, Franz Xavier Mayr, Johann Schroth or Sebastian Kneipp is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and detoxify the body. 

If you are looking for an alternative to the Western-style treatments you might be interested in our Ayurveda retreats in Germany, Austria, Spain or Portugal offering holistic treatments. In addition to their slimming effect,  these treatments will help you to find inner peace and harmony, helping  you to cope with stress, which is often one of the reasons for irregular meals, snacking and cravings for treats. 

Achieve your dream body - book your weight loss holiday in Western Europe with SpaDreams today! 

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