Excellent 4.7/5.0

19 Ratings from our customers

Excellent 4.7/5.0

No. 1 Hotel in Kottayam This hotel is the 1 most popular choice for our hotels in Kottayam. The popularity depends on how often a hotel is called, requested and booked via this website.

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort

Authentic Ayurveda, for ayurveda guests only

Family run Ayurveda resort for Ayurveda programmes on the most intensive medical level and under outstanding care for 5 generations. Another special feature of the resort: Kutipraveshika Rasayana darkroom therapy. They are looking forward to "disciplined" guests who take the cleansing programme in all its facets seriously and engage in healthy vegetarian catering in order to achieve the best results.

Most Popular Hotel Features

  • Free Wifi
  • Quiet location
  • In nature
  • Ayurveda doctor
  • Ayurvedic dosha meals
  • Yoga
  • Gluten-free meals
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Diabetic meals

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee

Kuteepraveshika Rasayana

from 7 nights, single room, special meals


Kutipraveshika Rasayana

This ancient ayurvedic darkroom therapy is based on Yogis hidden in the Himalayas. It is aimed at strengthening the immune system and contributes uniquely to the regeneration of body and mind. The focus is on the reduction of external stimuli in combination with a special herbal diet. The therapy takes place in the specially designed kutee/kuti (= hut), whose construction guarantees a uniform room climate as well as minimal light incidence. These arrangements help the body and mind come to rest and there is a unique opportunity for contemplation and concentration on themselves. The therapy is accompanied by daily medical care as well as the supply of a special herbal diet.

On request and in consultation with Dr. Sreejit, the therapy can only be booked after a Panchakarma programme.

  • Bookable as an extension of the 2-week Panchakarma programme
  • 7 nights in Rasayana Kuti
  • Herbal diet in Kuti
  • Assistance of ayurvedic doctor
  • Supply of fresh bedding and clothing in Kuti

Recommended for the following conditions

High Blood Pressure, Metabolism / Stomach / Intestines, Migraine, Obesity / Overweight, Stress / Exhaustion

Telephone booking code: 763P2

Personalise your stay

Classic Ayurveda - Panchakarma

from 10 nights, double room, full-board


  • Ayurvedic vegetarian full-board incl. herbal tea
  • Daily consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, final examination
  • Individual treatment and diet plan
  • Ayurveda treatments (approx. 90-120 min daily), e.g. full body massage, Pinda Sveda herbal stamps, Shirodhara, herbal or Svedana steam bath, inhlations and many more.
  • Ayurvedic herbal medicine during treatment
  • Yoga & meditation (daily except on sundays)
  • your feedback to the ayurveda doctor on a daily base via laptop
  • Personal care also before and after the treatments
  • Dental consultation

Arrival Sunday evening to Saturday morning recommended, as there is no Ayurveda doctor present on Sundays.

The number of Ayurveda treatment days corresponds to the number of nights, so no treatments take place on arrival or departure days. These can be booked on location if desired.

Recommended for the following conditions

Back Pain, Cancer Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Eyes / Ears / Teeth, Gynecology / Urology, Heart / Circulatory System, High Blood Pressure, Kidney / Urinary Tract, Locomotor system, Metabolism / Stomach / Intestines, Migraine, Neurology, Obesity / Overweight, Osteoporosis / Bones, Psoriasis / Eczema, Respiratory System / Asthma, Rheumatism / Joints / Arthritis / Arthrosis, Skin / Allergies, Spine / Intervertebral Discs, Stress / Exhaustion

Telephone booking code: 763P1

Personalise your stay

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort in Detail

Your Hotel

☀ The Athreya Ayurvedic Centre is owned by a family of qualified Ayurvedic doctors with more than 5 generations of experience. Surrounded by beautiful, unspoilt nature, it lies between rice fields and coconut palms near the southern foothills of the Backwaters and only about 7 km from Kottayam. The Kerala-style Centre, as a kind of hospital in terms of medical services, is ideal for guests who appreciate intensive counselling and authentic treatments. Here the Ayurveda programme (Panchakarma), for the preservation of the health and as therapy of illnesses, stands in the foreground. About 30 minutes away is the new sister resort Dheemahi Ayurvedic Centre (opened March 2019, see below).

Doubleroom Cottage

16 deluxe spacious cottages with shower / WC, fan, small veranda, TV, telephone, wi-fi and air conditioning. On request mosquito net. Internet and safe at the reception.


Air conditioner

Balcony or terrace

Room code for telephone bookings: 763D2

Singleroom Cottage

16 deluxe spacious cottages for single usage with shower/WC, fan, small veranda, TV, telephone and air conditioning. On request mosquito net. WiFi. Internet and safe at the reception.


Air conditioner

Balcony or terrace

Room code for telephone bookings: 763E2

Double Room Island

8 spacious double rooms on a small private island surrounded by rice fields, without air conditioning and about 150 meters from the main building. These are bookable from November to February. On request mosquito net. WiFi. Internet and safe at the reception.


Room code for telephone bookings: 763D3

Single Room Island

8 spacious double rooms on a small private island surrounded by rice fields, without air conditioning and about 150 meters from the main building. These are bookable from November to February. On request mosquito net. WiFi. Internet and safe at the reception. Single rooms are double rooms for single use.


Room code for telephone bookings: 763E3

Kuti Individual Huts

Rasayana Kutee/Kuti according to traditional guidelines. It consists of three walls built around each other, which shield the next one from the outside world. In the innermost of these three areas, almost no light penetrates from the outside and due to this construction, regardless of the weather outside, it is always pleasantly air-conditioned.


Room code for telephone bookings: 763E4

Health & Treatments

Under the guidance of the very experienced and modern Ayurveda scientist Dr. Sreejit and Green Leaf certified. He is supported by a qualified team of doctors and therapists and specializes in the treatment of civilization diseases such as metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity), migraine, insomnia, stress and its consequences for the immune system, as well as the treatment of cancer. Traditional Ayurvedic remedies are successfully combined with Western medicine. The required oils and medicines are produced locally in the family's own pharmacy. A special therapy of Dr. Sreejit is bloodletting with its immune-strengthening and regenerating effect. In order to realistically assess the chances of success of an Ayurveda programme, the team of doctors also offers personal consultation before and after the treatment via Skype or telephone (English). A questionnaire is also sent out before the trip to record the patient's medical history so that the best possible adjustment can be made to the patient. On site you will receive a laptop every day to further optimise your stay thanks to your constant feedback. Yoga and meditation support the success of the programme. A modern and fully equipped dental practice offers the possibility of tooth restoration (to be paid on site).

Getting There

Transfer COK Airport € 60 / car (there & back).
Transfer TRV Airport € 90 / car (there & back).        

Nearby Airports
Cochin International Airport (COK) : (approx. 93 km / 152 minutes)
Trivandrum International Airport (TRV) : (approx. 148 km / 222 minutes)

Additional information

English knowledge recommended.

Please note that Athreya will be closed from 8.9.-15.9.2019.

Good to Know

Health, body-awareness and lifestyle management

"Athreya Ayurveda – ayurvedic cleansing treatment, combined with the knowledge of western medicine – aims to reestablish the balance of body, spirit and soul, to relieve stress and to strengthen the immune system. Ideal for diseases of modern society, like migraine, diabetes and insomnia. Medical lifestyle consultation with “dos & don`ts” for a healthy way of living. The Athreya physicians and staff do not act authoritarian but rather on the basis of mutual confidence."

Dr Sreejith, resort manager

    Hotel Amenities at a Glance

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent 4.7 / 5.0
    100% would recommend
    Wellness area
    19 Ratings from real clients At SpaDreams, only clients who have travelled with us can submit a review.
    • Dagmar J.

      ‘Good quality Ayurveda’ Original review

      • January 2017
      • 12 - 16 days
      • solo
      • 50 to 59 years
    • Gerd S.
      from Germany

      ‘Wonderful, complete rejuvenation’ Original review

      We feel wonderfully relaxed and are very grateful for the great support and counseling - even beyond our stay. show more

      • Hotel in general
        Simple but beautiful and idyllic.
      • Service and hospitality
        Very helpful and always there for your needs with a smile.
      • Cuisine
        Good ayurvedic food, however was not individually tailored
      • Spa, treatment and pool area
        spa area had good hygiene. Shower and toilet area could be improved somewhat. Overall, however, perfectly fine.
      • Treatments and programmes
        We found the nose cleaning especially good. While it was not necessarily pleasant to have done, it had great results. I have not had such a clear head (breathing and thinking) in a long time. Physically and mentally we are well rested and have found a wonderful balance.

      show less

      • May 2016
      • 12 - 16 days
      • as a couple
      • 30 to 39 years
    • Monika P.
      from Germany

      ‘Exceeded our expectations’ Original review

      Our Ayurveda-stay has really exceeded our expectations. This resort deals with real, "deep" Ayurveda and not just Ayurveda Wellness. First, the body was detoxified for several days with various treatments, which was then followed by coordinated, external treatments.The stomach and back problems of my partner, and my skin problems (eczema) quickly decreased by the end were completely gone. I have already done 2 Ayurveda programmes - once in Sri Lanka and once in India. With both, detoxification was actually not as important as the external treatments. We can not recommend the Athreya Resort highly enough, and will certainly go there again. show more

      • Hotel in general
        We had a very nice bungalow in Kerala style overlooking the rice fields. Very beautiful. The rooms are simply but nicely decorated. The reception is also designed in Kerala style. With a lot of wood, brass and beautiful decoration. The treatment building is also kept this style and you feel completely comfortable.
      • Service and hospitality
        "Read requests from the lips" would be the appropriate sentence here. The staff are more than attentive, very polite and courteous, always friendly and extremely attentive. The reception staff tried to make everything that you wanted or needed possible. Simply excellent.
      • Cuisine
        The meals met the Ayurvedic plan - vegetarian food and only water as a beverage.
      • Spa, treatment and pool area
        The treatment area is retained in the Kerala style, the therapists are top.
      • Treatments and programmes
        First comes a detoxification program, which means some gentle food for the stomach for a few days, then oil massages, forehead treatments, steam rooms and lots more.

      show less

      • November 2014
      • 12 - 16 days
      • as a couple
      • 40 to 49 years
    • Arsene D.
      from Germany

      ‘I'll be back :-)’ Original review

      This Ayurveda resort exceeded my expectations. It was not about being, like many others, but really to health. On the first day a treatment plan was created, depending on the constitution of each guest. My main concern was back pain and a few kilos too much by unhealthy food. At the beginning a few days detoxification were implemented. The doctor of the resort makes a daily visit with guests to check their current state and possibly adapt the treatment. After detoxification was followed by the more external treatment of oil massages, face fonts, rice massages etc. The food was strictly vegetarian. At beverages there were mainly water. With me with an addition of ginger. Coffee and tea does not exist. Yoga sessions are offered daily. The staff can only be described as friendly, polite, very helpful. So "TOP" I can only say that my back pain is gone, and during the treatment I have lost 3.5 kg. I also have to expand the herbal medicines which I have taken also at the resort for 3 months with home taken by the Kurerfolg. Meanwhile it is 6 kg. And I have my old weight almost back. I just feel good again. My eating habits I have something changed. I renounce almost entirely on Fleich- and sausage products, which included far my favorite dishes. Use less oil. I thank Dr. hereby Sreejit, his wife and the entire team. Once again I have the opportunity I will go back right here, but then not only for 2 weeks but a little longer. I highly recommend the resort. show more

      • Hotel in general
        The resort consists of authentic Kerala bungalows with terraces for outside sitting.
      • Service and hospitality
        Simply "TOP"
      • Cuisine
        Maybe a little more variety would be well suited to food.
      • Spa, treatment and pool area
        The treatment house is very pleasant.
      • Treatments and programmes
        I had about 3 hours per day applications. The therapists are absolutely friendly, attentive and qualified.

      show less

      • November 2014
      • 12 - 16 days
      • as a couple
      • 40 to 49 years
    • SpaDreams Client

      ‘Mixed impressions’ Translated by Google

      Before starting this evaluation, I should point out that I have extensive experience with Ayurvedic cures, which gives me great possibilities for comparison.  This stay would have been less disappointing if the positive results obtained during the first two weeks had not been ruined by questionable decisions imposed by the medical manager of the Ayurvedic center. show more

      • Hotel in general
        The place is pleasant: the center is surrounded by a large, very well-kept garden, the environment is classic for Kerala: rice fields and coconut palms, greenery is everywhere, calm too. The rooms would benefit from being more welcoming and above all better maintained: cleaning is done only every other day, which is unique in the world, unjustifiable and unacceptable. Warn future customers of this peculiarity, they will leave knowingly and will not have this very bad surprise on arrival. If I had been warned, I would have given up this trip.
      • Service and hospitality
        Friendly and cheerful staff, efficient and clearly benefited from good training and internal monitoring. We guess that the supervision and management of all the staff are rather rigorous.
      • Cuisine
        Let me laugh. Ayurvedic food is anything but gourmet. Despite this, the cook made meals that were generally acceptable.
      • Spa, treatment and pool area
        Horror: the massage beds are in PLASTIC! In my 11 previous Ayurvedic stays, I have encountered only magnificent beds carved in one piece in a very large tree trunk. The wood is very hard and has an extremely fine grain, which makes it very pleasant, beneficial and compatible with Ayurvedic principles. The thin mattress placed on Athreya's beds is also made of plastic and is useful for everyone. Summary cleaning between two customers, better not to think about it. The treatment spaces are clean, the therapists who administer the treatments are also responsible for cleaning the premises. The calm and the pleasantness of the environment largely promote rest and relaxation.
      • Treatments and programmes
        Very professional care, good organization. The therapists all benefit from a solid training, the care is quickly beneficial in whatever center we are.

      show less

      • February 2020
      • 17 - 23 days
      • solo
      • 70 to 79 years

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