Ayurveda in Spain

Ayurveda in Spain

Authentic Ayurveda with a Mediterranean twist

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Soak up the Sun and Enjoy Ayurveda in Spain

Enjoy Ayurveda treatments in the southern sun! Although Ayurveda originates from the far Eastern Vedic scripts, this ancient Indian art of healing can also be found in several of our hotels located in stunning regions of Spain and Portugal. Under the expert guidance of Ayurveda specialists, you can experience an authentic Ayurveda cure whilst enjoying the Spanish sun and beautiful beaches. 

Ayurveda is one of the oldest surviving health systems, even if the exact date of origin is not known. Traditional Indian healing, which focuses on detoxifying the body and treating various causes, is mainly practiced in countries such as India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. But also in Spain there are specialized hotels where authentic Ayurvedic cures are carried out.

Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for Ayurveda in Spain due to the warm, mild weather. Immerse yourself in vibrant, thriving Spanish culture, taste sensational Spanish cuisine tailored to the principles of Ayurveda, relax on a soft, sandy beach after your individualised Ayurvedic treatments and enjoy an authentic Ayurveda experience with a Mediterranean twist. Ayurvedic spa guests can relax in pleasant temperatures and concentrate on the treatments.

An original Ayurveda cure, will of course, always first include the detailed consultation and interview with the trained Ayurvedic doctor. There are also a variety of full-body treatments to choose from, ranging from 3 to 5 every day. A special and personal treatment plan is developed and ensures a tailor-made process. Ayurveda in Spain also includes cooking after Ayurveda and relaxation techniques such as yoga and lectures.

Whether you're searching for an intensive Panchakarma cure or simply a relaxing Ayurveda wellness escape, our hotels in Spain will be able to cater for your every need. From the sun-soaked beaches of Tenerife to the mango plantations of  Costa de Sol, we have a variety of Ayurveda hotels throughout Spain and the Canary Islands, all with their own unique flair and offering exceptional treatments at the best price guaranteed. 

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