Ayurveda in Kerala

Ayurveda in Kerala

Authentic Ayurveda in the beautiful Indian state

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Ayurveda in Kerala

Ayurveda in Kerala is one of our most popular holiday themes. Kerala is a popular destination for Ayurveda retreats, combining well-developed accommodation and beautiful natural settings with a strong tradition of Ayurveda.

Kerala: Ayurveda in a unique setting

Kerala is a state of India located in the south-west part of the country. The name Kerala means "coconut country" in Malayalam, the local language. This state in southern India is known particularly for its exceptional and verdant nature, as well as for its culture rich in traditions that varies so differently from Europe. You can find different kinds of unique plants, fruits and vegetables that are found only in Kerala because of its specific climate that provides a perfectly ambient temperature that can be described as tropical.

Kerala enjoys easy access to the ocean – the coastline of Kerala is almost 600 km (370 miles) long! Ayurveda in Kerala is a great choice if you want to enjoy original treatments in tranquil, natural surroundings. Kerala offers many stunning natural attractions such as the famous backwaters, sandy beaches, waterfalls and picturesque hills. Best known as the most developed state in India with high quality travel and tourism infrastructure, Kerala is especially attractive for Ayurveda enthusiasts as it is more peaceful than many other popular destinations in India such as Goa or Rajasthan.

The province of Kerala has it all and deserves to be visited if you are looking for a holiday to recharge your batteries and balance your mind and body. Ayurveda soothes, relieves and reshapes and when combined with meditation sessions, you will find your harmony and energy within just a few days of treatment!

It is important to mention that this is one of the best-known destinations in India that attracts several thousand visitors each year. Not only because the atmosphere and scenery will take your breath away, but also the kindness and generosity of the inhabitants who will welcome you with open arms and help you discover their customs and cultures with pride and authenticity.

To discover Ayurveda, SpaDreams also offers you the choice of several other countries and destinations. Try Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, nicknamed "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean". Or browse through our offers in Europe, we recommend checking out our offers for Ayurveda in Germany!

Discover Ayurveda

Kerala is perhaps best renowned for its authentic Ayurveda. Traditional Indian medicine has been practiced by their ancestors for thousands of years as a means of improving well-being, curing certain diseases and strengthening the body by balancing the three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. This medicine is based on natural treatments as for example herbal essential oils that intensify the effect of Panchakarma, a treatment aimed at detoxification. This combination improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

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There is a long tradition of Ayurveda in Kerala, so many resorts and retreats offer authentic treatments by experienced specialists. Ayurveda in Kerala is available in small affordable retreats offering a homely atmosphere and dedication to the treatments, as well as luxury Ayurveda in five-star resorts, which provide professional Ayurvedic cures and ultimate luxury at the same time. 

If you would like to discover the benefits of an authentic Ayurvedic cure but with attractive prices, Kerala is the ideal place that we strongly recommend. You can also check out our offers for Ayurveda in India, Sri Lanka, and Europe as well as our yoga holiday offers that may interest you.

ayurveda in kerala
Why Kerala?
  • Strong ayurvedic tradition
  • Original, regional ayurvedic recipes
  • Beautiful coastline and magnificent backwaters
  • Peaceful, tranquil, pristine locations
  • Premium Ayurveda retreats
  • Two international airports 
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      Tour of the Backwaters in a Houseboat

      Explore the famous backwaters of Kerala in the traditional wooden boats called "Houseboats". For anyone looking for tranquillity in the middle of an already calm atmosphere, this place is certainly how you need to spend a day or two, without stress and far from any pollution. It should be noted that this place is unique compared to other cities in India because it will offer you a striking green spectacle that you will certainly not find elsewhere.

      What are the backwaters?

      The backwaters are chains of channels that follow one another for several kilometres giving access to other rivers. During your trip along these channels, you will have the opportunity to discover jungles with different vegetation, taste the Kerala specialties like fresh fish, caught before your eyes (couldn’t be fresher) and cooked on the houseboats with local spices, igniting tropical flavours: a beautiful and unforgettable experience that will leave you spellbound. You can also see children playing outside as they were before these new technologies and women doing the washing in the rivers below a beautiful sunset with its green landscape in perfect agreement: every moment will offer you a new wonder and a new discovery.


      As mentioned quickly above, the famous houseboats are boats with all the functions of a house: they are generally renovated transport boats used to welcome tourists. You can find houseboats for all tastes and sizes ranging from simple to luxurious houseboats with more comforts to beautify your stay.

      One thing is certain, this discovery will remain engraved in your mind with not only the beauty of the landscape but also the welcome of the inhabitants.

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      Essential Travel Information

      Ayurveda in Kerala is a great idea if you would like to travel to the source of authentic ayurveda, however such a long journey requires proper preparation. You can find the essential travel information here.

      The foreign policy of India changes quite often, therefore it is necessary to check updates on visa requirements. At the moment most foreign visitors need a visa, which, in many cases, can be obtained quickly via an online application.

      In Kerala there are two major international airports – Cochin and Trivandrum. Most of the SpaDreams hotels offer transfers and they are often included in the price of 2-3 week Ayurvedic cures.

      Most flights from Europe to Kerala involve at least one layover (usually in the Middle East, Sri Lanka or Mumbai) and the arrival time is likely to be before the check-in time (morning). You have to plan your itinerary carefully – it is likely that you will depart from your country on one day and arrive in India in the morning (according to the local time) next day. To avoid waiting in the hotel lobby, it is worth booking an additional night to make sure that the room is ready for you. Usually the departures take place late at night so you have to be prepared for an early check-out when you leave.

      There are no strict health requirements and no vaccinations are compulsory. However you may want to consider visiting a general practitioner and asking about possible climate impact on your health and about vaccines against hepatitis and malaria. 

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