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Mud Bath Spa – Fango in Italy

fango in italy blog mud spas

Fango – the Italian Wellness Speciality Italy is the home of pizzas, beaches and (surprise…) healing mud. Where Mediterranean weather and turquoise seas combine to make the holiday of dreams, an extra portion of luxury can be found at Italy’s authentic fango retreats. But what is fango? How does fango […]

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Wellness Wednesday – Vata Dosha: 5 Diet Tips for a Healthy Life

After finding out your dosha with our quiz, how do you make sure to keep your dosha levels in balance? Read on to learn about 5 key diet tips for those with predominantly vata dosha. Creative, light-as-a-feather and dynamic: vata personalities are influenced by the vital energy of the air. […]

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6 Steps to a Relaxing Mini-Spa Day at Home

6 Steps to a Relaxing Mini-Spa Day Blog Cover

Unfortunately, sometimes our life seems to be one big to-do list. We are constantly rushing from one point to another, trying to live up to all requirements, no wonder that now and then we seek for rest, relaxation and deceleration. Luckily, even a small break from the stressful everyday life […]

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