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Top 5 Asian Yoga Retreats with Ayurveda

Asian Yoga Retreats spadreams

  What good is yoga if you aren’t eating a healthy diet? Well, probably still quite good, but if your diet could do nutritionally what yoga is doing physically, then you’d be both better at yoga and healthier all round. That’s why our Asian yoga retreats all include yoga’s sister […]

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The Links Between Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga’s Secret Sister Teaching that No-one Talks About Even though many of us practise yoga, few of us have heard of Ayurveda – a system of holistic healing and sattvic food that originated in the same place and era as yoga – the Indus Valley Civilisation in c. 2600 – c. […]

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The Five Best Yoga Retreats in India

Yoga Retreats in India

As the experts in authentic yoga holidays, we have put together our short-list of the best yoga retreats in India. Here, we’ve picked our top five choices.

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5 Yoga Tips for Transitioning Into Autumn

Yoga Quote for blog

Hurray, hurray, autumn is here! For many, it is the best time of the year: colorful leaves flying through the air, breezy winds and finally being able to snuggle up comfortably into a blanket, drinking a cup of tea and enjoying the spectacular cinema that nature gives us. For many […]

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Zen Resort Bali – Retreat for Body, Mind & Soul

When asked what surprised the Dalai Lana the most about humanity, he replied with: Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the […]

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How to Master 4 Tricky Yoga Poses

Extended Side Angle Pose

We at SpaDreams understand the struggle and want to offer some tips for commonly difficult poses to master. Read on yogi for our guide to mastering these four tricky yoga poses.

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The Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

While each chakra is different, they all share the same general characteristics. While unable to be physically seen, one can picture a chakra as a spinning wheel, hovering in place, connecting the physical person to the energetic person.

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Yoga: Now A UNESCO World Heritage

Yoga UNESCO Beach

Yoga is great – and now it’s official. UNESCO has recently declared Yoga as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. The practice itself, as well as the country of origin, India, was honoured. The Indian Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mahesh Sharma was particularly pleased, writing on Twitter after the […]

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Authentic Ayurveda at Anantya Resort

Anantya Resort with Astitva Ayurvedic Center offers authentic Ayurveda suitable for the guests who seek authentic intensive cures. The Ayurveda centre by the retreat cooperates with Pankajakasthuri Group renowed for their experience and expertise in Ayurveda. The Pankajakasthuri Group runs an ayurveda hospital and Ayurveda Medical College as well as produce herbal medicines. […]

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Ayurveda and luxury together in harmony – Vivanta by Taj

A wonderful location, laid-back luxury, fantastic cooking and service that leaves nothing to be desired, combined with soothing Ayurveda and anti-stress treatments – that’s the holiday awaiting you in one of our three Vivanta by Taj hotels! Experience India and Sri Lanka the most luxurious way. We’re delighted to introduce […]

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