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Aliyar Ashram or Temple of Consciousness located just 28 km away from our parter ayurveda retreat Coco Lagoon Resort is a unique place worth visiting if you are longing for peace and tranquillity. The Temple of Consciousness calls the spiritual experience it offers “a silent revolution”. The scenic natural setting of teh foothils of the Western Ghats will encourage you to re-connect with nature and contemplate its beauty.The founder of the Ashram – Vethathiri Maharishi came from a humble background and was the son of a weaver. He developed a unique philosophy to improve the well-being of humanity – Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) with the purpose of achieving world peace through individual peace.

Temple of consciousness
According to the Ashram:

The ashram has received acclaim because of its vision of rationalism. There is no claim or use of either magical powers or contact with God. As a matter of fact there has been a conscious influence to move away from mindless superstitions.

The Temple of Consciousness is the perfect place to bring the body, mind and soul into balance and to “embrace inner spirituality”. The ease and safety of practices enables one to make it a lifestyle. Vethathiriyam weaves through self, society and nature to offer a healthy, harmonious and productive way of living.

Participate in the various techniques practised at the Ashram and find the greatness within you!

a visit to the temple of Consciousness is one of the most unique experiences which can be enjoyed while staying at Coco Lagoon Resort in Pollachi, India.

Coco Lagoon by Great Mount Resort

India · South India Tamil Nadu · Pollachi

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