short yoga breaks

Short Yoga Breaks

Take a quick trip into the world of yoga

Make Yoga a way of life!

Yoga, an unparalleled gift to the modern world from the age old seers and rishis of India, blends body postures, breathing practises and meditation to create inner harmony in the mind,  body and energy level. Short Yoga breaks offer fabulous ways to benefit from the goodness of this ancient Indian discipline of holistic wellness and relaxation.

Be it overcoming chronic diseases, reducing your stress, or advancing in your spiritual life, Yoga can be of great help. A short Yoga break presents the superb opportunity to learn and practise the centuries-old system in a relaxing and uplifting ambience, with authentic guidance, soothing massages, delicious organic food, and exciting recreation activities.

You can enjoy a short Yoga break in many extraordinary destinations. At SpaDreams, we understand the reverence of a teacher in Yoga. That's why we feature spa resorts and wellness centres that give access to certified trainers who have learnt the delicate methods from an authentic Yoga master with a reputable lineage.

Our short Yoga breaks are tailored exclusively for various needs. For those who like to detox or lose weight, we have the unique 'hot' yoga breaks, which allow you to sweat out toxins and burn off those excess fat, by practising yoga in humid conditions. Similarly, there are Pilates Yoga, Intensive Yoga, Rejuvenation Yoga and many more to choose from. 

Whatever your preference, SpaDreams has the perfect short Yoga break for you!

Our Most Popular Short Yoga Breaks