Weight Loss Yoga

Tone your body and train your mind

Bring your body and mind into balance

Weight loss Yoga offers a cleansing and holistic approach to losing weight, whilst also relaxing the mind and soul. At SpaDreams, we have weight loss Yoga packages for everyone, from beginners to more experienced Yogis. 

Set in stunning locations, our huge choice of resorts are led by qualified professionals who will help you master different Asana and also lose weight. Meditation, mindfulness and proper nutrition cleanse your system and enable you to lose weight in a truly holistic way.

Your every care will be taken care of in our stunning resorts. the Yoga and health tips that you will learn on your Weight Loss Yoga Break can be taken away to help you continue to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. 

Whatever your preference, allow SpaDreams to find the perfect Weight Loss Yoga Retreat for you!

Our Most Popular Weight Loss Yoga Retreats