Yoga & Pilates

Fun and fitness!

Make your concentration, stamina and flexibility better than ever

Take advantage of the value of ancient yoga as well as contemporary Pilates in your spa stays. Yoga, invented some 10,000 years ago, blends an array of Asanas (Yoga poses), breathing techniques and meditation to make your body fit and healthy. Pilates was formulated in the early 20th century, designed to improve the flexibility and vitality of athletes and dancers with aerobic and non-aerobic exercises.

Both yoga and Pilates can help enhance your physical and mental strength through rhythmic body movements and relaxed breathing techniques. At SpaDreams, we invite you to try some of the finest spa resorts, offering the best settings and trainers to learn yoga and Pilates in the most luxurious way possible. Escaping to world-class spa resorts and hotels is a smart option to master these holistic workouts and incorporate them into your everyday life. Our choice of wellness and health centres are located in some of the most enviable destinations across the world. Perhaps, your work schedules prevent you from going to a fitness class in your neighbourhood. Why not simply take a break, learn yoga and Pilates in a relaxing and fun way?

From preventing osteoporosis to reducing stress and anxiety to enhancing muscular coordination and balance, you could enjoy a range of benefits by simply practising Yoga and Pilates- our unbelievable deals makes this option even more pocket-friendly and exciting!   

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