Yoga Holidays

Yoga Holidays

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Yoga Holidays

The practice of Yoga has gained widespread popularity in Europe as well. Many people like to use the exercises to balance out their stressful everyday life, uniting body and mind. But the attraction can be enhanced even more. A yoga trip can take you to the origins of this philosophical teaching. Visit some of the most beautiful places in Asia and let yourself be introduced to the art of yoga by highly trained teachers. You can arrange your yoga trip according to your needs with our travel professionals.

Best Destinations for Yoga Holidays

You can also go on a yoga retreat in Europe. There are many beautifully designed yoga holiday packages that are offered by hotels in Spain, Germany, Italy, and more, allowing you to combine the art of yoga with classic European spa treatments and facilities like fango and saunas. Or you could also try something more unique, such as the surf and yoga holiday in Morocco! Whether you’re looking for the sun and sand or simply lush, green surroundings, there is a perfect yoga destination for you.

Bali is worth a trip in its own right. The relatively small island has impressive landscapes and an interesting independent history. The mild climate and the Balinese hospitality welcome you to stay. We offer you several authentic and expert yoga retreats on this island, which have been thoroughly tested and recommended by our experts. The accommodations are located in a quiet area, so that you can fully concentrate on your yoga trip.

A yoga holiday in Thailand is particularly rewarding, as the teaching of yoga is combined with typical Thai relaxation treatments. In addition to first-class yoga holidays for beginners and professionals, you will find aromatherapy, Thai massages and many other techniques. Your yoga journey is enhanced by the warm tropical climate of the Kingdom. Thailand is a scenically and culturally very rich destination with excellent yoga resorts.

The art of relaxation through yoga originates in India. If you decide to spend a yoga holiday in India, you will not only benefit from excellent yoga teachers, but also from other beneficial treatments, including Ayurveda, the ancient Indian art of healing, as well as meditation courses. Even the country speaks for itself. Surrounded by unique nature and peaceful temples, you can leave your everyday life far behind you and concentrate fully on your inner and outer well-being. If you ever feel the need for some entertainment, you can also visit one of the many impressive bazaars.

More than just a yoga retreat

A SpaDreams yoga holiday goes beyond simply attending fantastic yoga classes or meditation sessions. You can combine your yoga retreat with Ayurveda, fitness, massages, detox, saunas, and wellness! Many hotels also cater to special diets, including vegan or gluten-free options. Whether you are just starting to discover the world of yoga or looking to master your technique, we have the perfect yoga retreat for you!



Yoga Holidays
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Peace and Quiet in the Best Yoga Hotels

For your yoga trip we have selected only hotels in the best locations. The most important thing for a successful yoga holiday is the necessary peace and quiet for deep reflection and meditation. Therefore, when searching for suitable hotels, we concentrate on the optimal balance between relaxing seclusion and the possibility to still be able to offer attractive leisure activities beyond yoga classes. The locations of the yoga resorts are, without exception, scenically appealing, be it near the beach, in the mountains or surrounded by tropical forests. You decide in which of these unique surroundings you want to spend your yoga holiday.

The facilities of the hotels are designed for the greatest possible comfort. The grounds of the facilities include an extensive park, which is available to you for relaxing stays in natural surroundings. Some accommodations offer their guests small independent houses spread throughout these parks for the best possible retreat. A private bathroom with shower and toilet is of course standard. Consumer electronics as well as internet access and a mini bar, in some cases supplemented by a small cooking corner, are also available.

You will quickly find relaxation among the numerous offers of the resorts. Libraries, fitness rooms, spa areas, saunas and boutiques can be found in many yoga resorts. However, the entertainment program also includes other leisure activities, such as excursions to nearby sights or concerts and seminars that take place on the yoga hotel premises.

Your stay, however, is all about inner reflection and balance through yoga, mixed with other relaxation activities such as meditation, Ayurveda and detox diets. We pay great attention to the quality of the yoga classes offered. All of our yoga tours will take you to resorts where the professional staff meets the highest standards. First class service and high quality courses for all levels of experience are our basic requirements.

Yoga Holidays
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FAQ - Yoga

What is the difference between a yoga hotel and a yoga retreat?

In a yoga retreat the focus is on withdrawal and tranquility. You should be able to find peace and quiet and leave the daily routine behind you. For this reason, yoga retreats are usually more secluded than normal yoga hotels.

When is the best time to travel for a yoga holiday?

The summer months are usually less popular for yoga trips to Southern Asia as it gets quite hot and, in some parts, very humid. However, this is a great time to find some spectacular deals! However, yoga holidays are not dependent on the time of year or the weather, as it can be practiced both indoors and outside.

How long should a yoga holiday be?

Most of our yoga holiday offers are for 7 days and 2 weeks. However, these periods can be extended if desired. Some yoga hotels in Europe also offer yoga weekends or trial courses, usually to offer some insight into yoga, often with beginners in mind.

Is previous knowledge required for a yoga trip?

No, in co-operation with our travel experts you can design exactly the right yoga trip for your level of experience. We offer yoga holidays for professionals, but naturally also for beginners.

Can I also go on a yoga holiday with children?

In general it is possible to do a yoga trip with a child. However, we do not recommend it, because such a journey serves as a place for inner reflection and relaxation. Both aspects are usually not in line with a child's expectations of a holiday.

Do I have to come to all yoga classes on a yoga holiday?

No. It is possible that you will not be able to attend a yoga class. Simply notify the hotel of your absence.

What should I take with me on a yoga holiday?

It is important that you have enough sportswear with you for the yoga exercises. Make sure that you can move around in your yoga outfit easily and unhindered. You should also bring "normal" everyday clothes for possible excursions or social evenings. Most hotels provide yoga mats on site, however, feel free to bring your own!