Ayurveda – the world’s oldest medical science

Where conventional medicine fails, the traditional Indian teachings of Ayurveda offer relief for many chronic illnesses. The individual and their own personal habits, diet and needs are central in Ayurveda. This millennia-old medical science is the oldest in the world. Something to note, however,[...]
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The essential ayurveda recipes

Have you just come back from your Ayurveda Spa Holiday in Sri Lanka or India and now want to integrate Ayurveda into your everyday life? Or are you interested in Ayurveda and feel like testing a few recipes out for yourself? It’s really not that hard. We have put together a few Ayurveda recipes[...]

What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma literally means “five actions” and it is an ayurvedic detox treatment, which strengthens the immune system, helps clear toxins and alleviates digestive problems as well as psychical disorders such as anxiety, burn-out and depression. To sum up Panchakarma helps regain[...]

Ayurveda in Madeira and Mallorca

If Sri Lanka seems to far away, you can escape to a closer island to find inner peace and balance. Madeira and Mallorca are our favourite picks. Ayurvedic stays are usually available from seven nights (light Ayurveda) and complete Ayurvedic detox cure Panchakarma is available from 14 nights. For[...]

A few words about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine is a very broad term as it includes countless medical practices, which have evolved in the past 2000 years. The most popular aspects of traditional Chinese medicine are: – quigong – exercises – tui na – massage – herbal remedies –[...]

Ayurveda आयुर्वेद

Ayurveda = Ayur (life) + Veda (science, knowledge) Ayurvedic medicine gives an oriental alternative to conventional healing methods. Vedic tradition is still alive and it is integrated into the contemporary Indian healthcare system. Ayurveda takes its origin from traditional Hindu treatments,[...]
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