Heart dieases and hypertension

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Heart Diseases and Hypertension

Medical wellness for heart diseases

A holiday stay in a specialised centre is a pleasant way to begin the fight with hypertension and heart diseases or to minimise their effects. Many of our partner spa and wellness centres offer medical consultation, after which the doctors will assign appropriate treatments. The patient can learn about a healthy lifestyle and introduce new habits in a pleasant, relaxing environment. An important element of the treatment is de-stressing through spa treatments (massages improving circulation, baths) and gentle or vigourous physical activities such as yoga and aerobics.

To ensure long-term results, healthy habits should be continued at home.

Best destinations for curing circulatory problems

On our website you will find cures worldwide for diseases associated with abnormal blood pressure. If you are interested in centres in Europe, many of them can be found in different parts of the continent, for example in Poland, Estonia and Germany, Switzerland, Spain or Greece. If you would like to take your healing vacation in an exotic country, SpaDreams recommends Morocco, India and Sri Lanka.

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