Where to go in April

Where to go in April?

Our ideal SpaDreams destinations in April

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Where to go in April?

Spring has just arrived, and if you are already craving the sun, beach, sea, and hiking trails surrounded by beautiful greenery then SpaDreams has got you covered! This time of the year is the ideal moment to get your golden tan before anyone else! If you are looking for where to go in April for sun and very comfortable temperatures in places that would be too hot in the summer, then this is the time to book your stay.

White sandy beaches, sun and palm trees ... is this what you see in your dreams? Many Asian destinations are waiting to offer you an unforgettable holiday, in a paradisiacal setting. Why not treat yourself to a luxury holiday in Thailand? Known for its beautiful islands, such as Phuket and Ko Samui, this is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches before tourists flock to them. This time of year is also ideal for undertaking the unique experience of discovering the country. The drastic departure from the scenery, culture and environment of Western societies is sure to make it unforgettable. Relaxation, wonder, discovery… all these words will perfectly describe your holiday in Thailand!

A popular destination for the month of April: Jordan. This is the ideal month to treat yourself to a health therapy treatment on the Dead Sea, which is well known for its healing properties. The temperatures are pleasant and the unique climate has a therapeutic effect known around the world. Our hotels in Jordan are all situated in a prime location on the coast of the Dead Sea, with easy access to high quality medical centres offering professional cures and vast spa areas with a variety of Dead Sea beauty and wellness treatments. Treatments for Psoriasis and other skin conditions are most commonly undertaken during health and wellness holidays to the Dead Sea.

How about fango in Italy, in the heart of the Euganean Hills? April is the perfect month for this! So go soothe your joints and heal your skin in the mineral rich, volcanic fango mud. For those who prefer to go on a relaxing walk before returning to the hotel’s onsite swimming pool or going for a relaxing massage, the Euganean Hills are also the destination for you! Located in Italy, these hills will ensure you spend your dream trip admiring the surroundings and taking in a good helping of fresh air. A little peckish during your trip? Why not enjoy a delicious Italian ice cream! A larger appetite after a few kilometers of hiking? Worry not - in the land of Dolce Vita, your stomach will be more than content!

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