Where to go in March

Where to go in March?

Our ideal SpaDreams destinations in March

Top SpaDreams destinations in March!

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Where to go in March?

Spring is on the horizon, coming slowly but surely. The days are getting longer, flowers are starting to bloom, and the butterflies are returning ... in short, nature is coming back to life. But you long for vibrant colors, long summer evenings and swimming in warm seas? Then we are here to help!

In Asia, the temperatures are pleasant and the monsoon season is still far away, making it the ideal month to go sunbathing on the dreamy beaches that skirt the land of the smile, Phuket, Koh Samui. Thailand is the perfect destination for a detox in a luxurious setting surrounded by the best of what nature has to offer. Enjoy a detox smoothie on a white sandy beach while a masseuse melts away any remaining stress you may have. The healthy cuisine, stunning landscapes and low humidity also make Thailand the ideal destination for yoga holidays. Our 5-star luxury beach resorts will allow you to immerse yourself in yoga, improving clarity of mind, concentration and even awakening new skills while everything else will be taken care of by the attentive staff.

If you’d prefer a gentler climate, this is the perfect time to visit Spain, whilst also avoiding the summer scorchers and swarms of tourists. Renowned for its rich  cultural and culinary heritage, Spain is a fascinating setting for our numerous wellness and health retreat offerings. Sifting through the  countless luxury hotels to find your dream holiday can certainly seem a daunting task, so SpaDreams has put together a selection of the very best hotels, combined with health treatments such as thalassotherapy, spa wellness, detox and Ayurveda treatments.

If you’re a hiking-lover, why not enjoy a holiday in the Canary Islands? The volcanic lands of Tenerife, the green trails of Mallorca and long walks on the beach are all awaiting you. With an average high temperature of 19.5 °, it will be more than pleasant to dip your feet in the sea whilst  observing the beautiful landscapes.

Last but not least, we would recommend Israel where you can experience a climatic therapy along the Dead Sea. For optimal results, minimum stays of 7-14 nights are necessary for the efficacy of the treatments. Treatments for psoriasis, neurodermatitis, rheumatism etc. are recommended in March so you can renew yourself just like the spring. Of course, if you do not feel the need for a climate cure, you can easily book a holiday in a beautiful hotel to enjoy the pleasant temperatures and visit the surrounding area.

Here are some SpaDreams destinations that will allow you to fulfill your desires in March, rather than waiting for the tourist-packed summer holidays... 

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