Where to go in May

Where to go in May?

Our ideal SpaDreams destinations in May

Top SpaDreams destinations in May!

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Where to go in May?

May is the month where we start looking forward to summer. Yes, spring is here, but the weather is temperamental and not always easy to predict. This is just one reason why you might seek a destination with a more stable weather forecast (and more sun!) than is available in the northern hemisphere at this time of the year. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best destinations for you to go this May. If you are looking for a wellness and beauty spa, treatments by the sea or a detox retreat in the sun, you are at the right place!

We’re going to start off by recommending a must-see on everyone’s travel list: the luxurious island of Bali. May is the best month of the year to delve into this paradise – its perfect weather and outside of the school holidays, so the flights are cheaper! You’ll love tasting the Balinese specialties and being welcomed by the open-minded culture.

If Ayurveda and yoga float your boat, then read on to find out about  the best places to experience these holistic treatments or to perfect your "sun salutation". You can have a unique experience with an Ayurveda week in India, Sri Lanka or Thailand that offer unforgettable experiences, often with lower costs than European resorts, without any reduction in standards. Spend an idyllic dream holiday and meet like-minded people, who will take care of you and immerse you in Ayurveda. An Ayurvedic holiday enables you to discover your Doshas and how to live in harmony with them. You’ll discover physical, mental and emotional balance with Ayurvedic treatments, proper nutrition, and complete yoga and meditation.

But if you prefer the mountains to the sea, the forests to the beach, and you don’t mind the (still very small) possibility of rain showers, then you might enjoy a trip to Germany, where active leisure and fitness holidays set in the middle of nature are known for their quality and positive effects. Germany is the country that founded Buchinger fasting and many tourists flock to German spa towns all year round for their unique and carefully honed treatments. You have a wide range of options that your SpaDreams consultant will by very pleased to help you with. Just a few include F.X. Mayr fasting, the Schroth cure, Kneipp therapy and Ayurvedic detox.

Whatever your choice may be, get ready for an unforgettable SpaDreams stay in one of our best hotels during the month of May!

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