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Where to go in October?

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Where to go in October?

Autumn has officially arrived, the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and cover the ground. Destinations that were scorching in July and August now have mild temperatures, and the streets are peaceful again. This is the perfect time for a holiday that will restore your smile before facing the change of weather, the negative temperatures and the long winter evenings...

If you want to swim, there are still many options. There are some areas where the sandy beaches are still warm and the water is just as inviting. This is the case in Mauritius where water temperatures average at 24° and a climate that averages out at around 23° in October. Similar temperatures can be found in Greece, where the water is more than warm enough to swim in with water temperatures of 23° around Crete. If you are afraid that your little toes need a few more degrees to be able to do the crawl, do not forget that the hotels we offer have great pools!

Tunisia is another attractive October destination,  and we would particularly recommend the city of Hammamet, a place that inspired many writers like Gustave Flaubert, Guy de Maupassant and Oscar Wilde. Discover Medina of Tunis, a perfectly preserved city with walls of a clean white, where souks (traditional shops) provide you with various spices, perfumes and fabrics. If you want to satiate your taste buds, there’s nothing better than sampling the local cuisine. You can’t go wrong with the fresh seafood on offer!

If you’re thinking about a more health oriented trip, we would recommend the climate and healing waters of the Dead Sea. Most of the course come to an end in October, before starting up again in spring, so go take the chance to finish the year in top form! You just have to book your hotel and choose the climatic therapy course that suits you the most! Our health and wellbeing offers on the Dead Sea include treatments for psoriasis, rheumatism and more.

Another highly recommended destination in October: South Africa. Undertake a detox and regeneration stay in a dream setting. Alternatively, our safari packages on offer include daily morning and afternoon drives from a five star hotel where you can enjoy saunas, steam baths, Jacuzzis or Roman thermal baths between your adventures. Our all-inclusive stays leave nothing to be desired and with everything taken care of all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your dream holiday!

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