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Is it time for you to pack your bags and escape bad weather, stress and work? Asia has a fantastic experience waiting for you: Thailand. There is a reason why it is currently one of the most popular holiday destinations!

Here, reliable sun, beautiful beaches, fantastic food and an exciting culture await you. Thailand is however, not a small country and it can be tricky to decide where exactly to go. This is why we at SpaDreams have developed the best destinations to help you plan your perfect trip. Now you just need to decide which of our hotels to stay in!


Bästa resmål Thailand

Phuket is perhaps the first region many think about when planning a visit to Thailand – and who wouldn’t love the spectacular scenery with a mix of mountains, tropical sunsets and endless beaches? It is also a diver’s paradise as the surrounding coral reefs offer an outstanding glimpse into the marine world. Phuket is the perfect region for those seeking a blend of relaxation and bustle. Enjoy romantic evenings with your loved one on your honeymoon with a stroll along Patong Beach. The 49km long island accommodates all kinds of holidays. Besides the stunning scenery, SpaDreams offers numerous luxurious resorts.

Thinking of losing weight? Phuket offers outstanding hotels with tailor-made detox programmes. In this wonderful environment, the kilos almost drop off themselves…

Koh Lanta

Bästa resmål Thailand

Koh Lanta is a popular island in the Krabi district and is especially popular with Swedish tourists - there is even a Swedish school on the island. Don’t worry though, there is still plenty of English spoken. In addition, Koh Lanta is very child-friendly - your little ones can play happily on the beach while you relax. The island in eastern Thailand however does not just boast long, sandy beaches but also thick jungle forests and nature reserves for those who want to experience peace and discover their own paradise.

On the whole, you will find a calm and relaxed atmosphere on Koh Lanta – perfect for recovering with a Yoga holiday. Looking for a little more action? Take a trip to Koh Phee – also referred to as the “ghost island” because of its shape from afar – and go snorkeling and diving amongst the beautiful coral reefs, or simply enjoy a boat trip.  If you visit Koh Lanta in November, you have the opportunity to experience the Krabi Berk Fa Andaman festival, which opens the tourist season. This is a colourful party with amazing food – did you know that the island’s name probably comes from the Javanese word for “grilled fish”?

Koh Chang

bästa resmål Thailand

Koh Chang is also known as the “elephant island” – the shape of the island is reminiscent of the elephant’s silhouette. The locals in Thailand are as friendly and calm as the grey giant and will give you a holiday experience that is both relaxing and interesting.

Koh Chang has many small nearby islands that you can visit by boat. Here you will find the typical Thai blend of emerald green jungles and amazing waterfalls. It is said that Klong Plu and Klong Nueng are the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. But to return to the island's name - did you know that there are lots of exciting elephant gardens and camps on Koh Chang? Visit Baankwon Char to experience elephants up close.

After exciting excursions, unwind with spa treatments and cocktails at the beach bar in one of our many resorts.

Koh Samui

bästa resmål Thailand

Koh Samui is one of Thailand's largest islands with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. The Chinese seafarers who visited the island to collect fresh water about 1500-2000 years ago must have been as taken aback by the beautiful waterfalls, azure lagoons and golden beaches as tourists are today. The Koh Samui culture offers a very special and diverse mix of different cultures – as a mix of different ethnicities, locals call themselves Chao Samui (Samui people). Their hospitality will make your holiday even more special.

While you aren’t relaxing on the beach of “Coconut Island”, you can take part in exciting trips to “Big Buddha” or to one of the beautiful national parks like Ko Pha Ngan or Ang Thong. And after this you can spoil yourself with a Thai massage. One thing is for sure: you will not be bored on Koh Samui!


Ultimately, whether you are looking for some peaceful time out, a luxury hotel or a romantic break, Thailand has something for you.

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