Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic Massages

Relax and experience holistic healing

Wonderful for your wellbeing

Ayurvedic Massage is just one aspect of the holistic approach of Ayurveda, but it stands out because of the usage of special oils designed to the individual’s Dosha.

An Ayurvedic Massage nourishes, regenerates, and revitalises the entire body’s fibres and leads to a better mental and physical wellness.

With an Ayurvedic Massage you give your body that special push needed to help it to get rid of the toxins accumulated over the course of life’s day to day tasks. It also relieves symptoms and treats some illnesses.

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Experience Authentic Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga refers to the Ayurvedic ritual of massaging your body with warm oil. Luxuriously relaxing and blissfully comforting, Abhyanga offers a range of health benefits that will enhance your everyday life. This highly-soothing self-massaging technique will help dissolve accumulated stress and toxins, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and relax the vital nerve centres, leaving you energised.

If you are wondering how to benefit from the excellent Abhyanga massage technique, then SpaDreams is your answer. We feature a massive selection of Ayurvedic spa resorts across the world, offering this traditional massage with expert guidance. Whether you need to lubricate your knee joints for easy movements, banish dandruff, or ease your stress, Ayurvedic Abhyanga could effectively achieve the desired results. Gently massaging your body in circular motion with the right kind of herbal oil is the key.

A cost-effective option, this massage can be practised everyday at your home once you are aware of the know-how. To learn the process, simply escape to our Ayurvedic Abhyanga spa resorts, and make Abhyanga a part of your everyday life. 

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