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Why Waterfalls are Beneficial to the Health and the Heart – Wellness Wednesday

benefits of waterfalls for the health and the heart

Ever wondered why the sea air is good for you or why you sleep like a baby after a day spent outdoors? Or why the air smells so fresh near to waterfalls or after a thunderstorm? Well, there’s more to fresh air than meets the eye. That’s because of NEGATIVE […]

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4 DIY Facemasks for Naturally Nourished Skin – Wellness Wednesday

4 DIY Vegan Facemasks for Naturally Nourished Skin

Often we simply head to the beauty isle at the supermarket to get products that are supposed to protect and heal our skin. But the problem is, when you read the ingredients of these products, you’re lucky if you know what even ¼ of them are, and the pretty product […]

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10 Key Facts on Vitamin D and the Best Ways to Absorb It

key facts on vitamin D and the best ways to absorb it

  It’s no wonder that civilisations have been worshipping the sun for millennia. Indeed, an afternoon spent basking in the sun rivals even the most luxurious therapy session. Not only is it important for plant life and the climate, but also for the inner workings of the human body as […]

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Ayurveda in the Monsoons: 5 Key Benefits

Ayurveda in monsoons image of flowers in the rain

Throughout the Monsoon: Ayurveda in India If you want to avoid one thing on your trip to South India, then it’s probably the rain. This exotic holiday destinations, like Sri Lanka and other south asian destinations, are most popular between October and May as people prefer to avoid the monsoons […]

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5 Cozy Indoor Activities to Get You Through the Winter

5 Cozy Indoor Activities to Get You Through the Winter

You know, it’s just as you’re about to say goodbye to something that you realise you might just miss it, even if only a tiny bit. That’s why we’ve put together 5 activity ideas that will help you make the most of the winter weather, and all the excuses it gives you to stay cozy and hibernate inside. Check it out for some cozy ideas…🐻

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Healthy Food Diet: 8 Clean Eating Tips

Fresh smoothie with seasonal fruits

Going on a diet is one of the main pillars of making our lifestyle as healthy and energetic as possible. Maybe that is why we are always discovering new weight loss methods in search for one that suits our personal life style best. A new trend in nutrition is clean […]

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5 Super Fruits That Are Always in Season

Superfood Cover Picture

For some time now, a big trend has increasingly become popular in hip cafes and nutrition-conscious restaurants – the Superfoods. Even on the dinner table, the trend food is gaining greater popularity. But what is actually behind this new nutrition? Superfood – Just a Trend? Superfoods is a well-known term […]

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Ginger: Health Benefits & Nutritional Tips

The Health Benefits of Ginger - Blog Cover

Historically, ginger has a great tradition of being effective. In the cold seasons, ginger is commonly known for its warming and natural healing effects as well as treating all kinds of illnesses. Some even believe it prevents all conditions and sufferings that exist. In fact, ginger contains different compounds that […]

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Slim in 2018: The 5 Best Weight Loss Retreats

Woman running at sunset

Christmas has left its mark once again? You started noticing that your hips have grown and you are waiting to be active again? Especially after the holidays, it is still cold and gloomy outside, making it difficult to break the usual pattern. The temptations of everyday life – are just […]

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4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Cheerful couple enjoying healthy meal

Getting rid of a few pounds, quit smoking, being more social … These are just three of the many New Year’s resolutions that we would like to follow year after year. A quarter of people drop these after a month or two. Why is that? If our intentions are too […]

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