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Detox Tea – 5 Best Teas for Detox and Cleansing

Do you feel happy about the soothing, invigorating warmth effect that tea-drinking brings? Especially now, in the cooler days, we enjoy more and more relaxing tea time. The right tea turns out to be the ideal way to detoxify the body. Relieve the Body With the Power of Nature Stress, bad diets and[...]
Travelling with Diabetes

15 Tips for Travelling with Diabetes

Often being said, “Good planning is essential.” Diabetics deal with this rule particularly well – especially on holidays! Certainly you should always discuss your travel plans with your doctor to clarify your individual situation. SpaDream’s 15 tips will help you get prepared[...]

Orange-Chocolate Christmas Cookies

Fruity delight with a hint of chocolate – who could resist? Perfect to enjoy warm straight from the oven! Ingredients: 200 g flour 60 g potato starch 1 level tsp baking powder 100 g sugar 1 package vanilla sugar 1 package of orange flavouring or zest from 1 organic orange 1 egg 125 g butter[...]

Nougat & Nut Christmas Cookies

Cookies with extra chocolate! These nut-nougat cookies are the highlight of every Christmas celebration and taste like from grandma’s kitchen!   Ingredients 250 g flour 75 g sugar 200 g margarine 150 g nuts 1 package vanilla sugar 1 egg ½ tsp baking soda 200 g nougat 10 g coconut oil 100 g[...]
Ayurvedic Cookie Baking

Oat & Walnut Christmas Cookies

Oat Flake – Walnut Christmas Cookies Deliciously moist inside, nutty, crunchy outside and – if you like – topped with chocolate: Our oat-walnut cookies are the perfect Christmas treat for everyone and they are superfast to bake. Ingredients 50 g flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 package vanilla[...]

Aurveda-Style Christmas Cookies with Cardamom

Ayrvedic cookies? Yes, it’s possible! It’s a widespread misconception that treats are completely forbidden in the ayurvedic nutrition. Sweets make you happy, are good for the soul and calm your nerves. Ayurveda and baking go well together if you use naturally sweet ingredients and/or[...]

Yo-yo effect and eating disorders

Short-term diets, focused solely on weight loss can be extremely dangerous and lead to yo-yo effect as well as to eating disorders such as bulimia and binge[...]

Detox Smoothie: The russian Pink-Dream with chia seeds

Todays Detox Smoothie “The Pink Dream” is a recipe from our SpaOteli (SpaDreams Russia) Team. It’s a very delicious and healthy smoothie with the superfood “Chia Seeds“. The Aztecs knew about the healthy effect of these little seeds. Chia Seeds have about 8 times more[...]
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