Fasting Holidays

Fasting Holidays

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Take a fasting holiday and become part of a long tradition of fasting! Present in many countries, cultures and religions worldwide, fasting is far more than simple abstinence from food. 

It's no secret that your diet can significantly affect your health. SpaDreams helps you with its special fasting holidays to eat healthy and lose the few excess pounds. With professional help you will find a more conscious lifestyle through nutritional advice and cooking classes. Try out a F.X. Mayr Cure, a Detox Cure or a Schroth Cure!

Fasting or losing weight can be a real challenge in everyday life. Temptations tend to lurk everywhere. Family and friends around you tend to eat normally as you find yourself sipping on your fasting tea or detox smoothie. This can be quite frustrating and quickly put your motivation to an end.
On a fasting holiday you are not alone. You have a chance to speak with your colleagues, motivate and give tips. Under professional guidance you learn the principles of fasting and gain the important know-hows of a healthy diet followed by the fasting cure. Fasting together with others is a much more fun experience rather than undertaking it alone.

After a fasting holiday you will find yourself thinking more clearly, making healthier choices when you eat, your skin and hair will appear healthier and fasting can often be the first step on the path to discovering a new feeling of health and wellbeing. During a fasting holiday, your body will start to burn the glucose stored in your body before moving on to fat, meaning that weight loss is an additional benefit. Combine a fasting holiday with gentle exercise for added benefits or add yoga exercises to your daily routine to experience the meditative effects of yoga and attain purity of mind as well as body.  

Our range of highly specialised hotels offer an extensive range of fasting holidays, from comfortable clinics to luxury hotels. With medical support and a range of programmes to choose from, you can be sure to find the right fasting holiday to suit your body and your needs.

So your fasting holiday is guaranteed to succeed!

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