The Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is Healthy

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Weight Loss is a typical topic for many people, and keeping an optimal body weight is extremely healthy for the body. Especially after the holidays or in the cold season, many people consume heavier meals and delicious chocolate which tends to increase weight gain. However, getting rid of the excess pounds is not always that easy, as the body prefers to keep the reserves and uses them for the next hunger phase. There are several positive effects of fasting rather than just the loss of a few unwanted pounds. Fasting is known to have a healing effect and which even affects the body and mind.


How Does Fasting Work?

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Fasting can be done very easily. The quantities of food that are normally consumed are reduced to a small part, either replaced by others or left out altogether. On these particular days of fasting, fruits and vegetables are ingested. Lots of water or a special fasting tea is consumed during the fasting phase. The body will have the opportunity to detoxify, while toxins are flushed out of the body, which not only leave you feeling lighter, but also healthier.

When fasting, it also helps, if you exercise, so that the blood circulation will additionally be stimulated. There are not only the well-known fasting days, which may even be related to religious traditions, but also simple health aspects, which are based on a healing fasting cure. It is important that fasting should not take too long. Otherwise, the body loses too many vital vitamins and minerals during this time and the person undertaking the fasting feels exhausted.

Different Types of Fasting

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For example, religious fasting requires a renunciation of alcohol, sweets, sumptuous meals and the usual stimulants. The fasting of the Muslims, who are not allowed to drink or eaat a whole day long, and are only allowed to eat after sunset, is extremely strict. These types of fasting also cleanse the body. Also the well-known Kneipp Cure, the Schroth Cure or the traditional fasting after F. X. Mayr are only three types of the popular fasting cures.

Fasting initially puts the body in a hunger state because it suddenly stops receiving food. At the same time, however, it uses this time to go to its reserves, which not only lets go of the fat, but also removes the slags and detoxifies the body. After that the body falls into a lower energy consumption and still loses weight.

Especially important when fasting is that you are in good mental and physical health. It is recommended to fast only under medical supervision. Particularly suitable is a fasting holiday with medically-trained staff.

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