The Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is Healthy

Fasting is known to have a healing effect for both the body and mind. Would you like to kickstart your weight loss diet, to detox or rejuvenate your body?

It’s usually just after the Christmas holidays or in winter that you realise your body is in need of a spring clean. Maybe those family dinners, cheese wine and brandy truffles had something to do with it? And then comes January, or the first signs of Spring, whispering that summer and swimsuit-wearing days are ahead, and you realise you need to get rid of those excess pounds, and fast.

For situations like this, or even just for those that want to detox, fasting under specialist supervision can be the perfect way to cleanse your body and make way for a new, healthy diet. Indeed, as our returning customers will tell you, fasting has many more benefits than just shedding a few pounds. Read on to find out why and how fasting works, and what are some of our most popular fasting holidays or discover our solo holidays perfect for fasting in peace.


How Does Fasting Work?

At one of our luxury fasting clinics, fasting can be done with ease. Depending on the chosen type of fast, your food quantities will gradually be reduced or replaced with fresh fruits or juices. Lots of water or a special fasting tea is recommended during the fast to give your body the liquids to flush out the toxins, leaving you feeling lighter and healthier.

During the fast, light exercise is often recommended so that the blood circulation will be stimulated. Many fasting programmes also offer massage and spa therapy to release tensions in your body and help you go through your fast in maximum comfort.

Different Types of Fasting

The SpaDreams partner hotels offer many different fasting, detox and weight loss holidays. Three of the most popular fasting diets are Buchinger Fasting, the Schroth Diet or the more traditional F. X. Mayr diet.

Buchinger Fasting (Liquid Fasting)

One of our most popular programmes, the Buchinger Fasting method, is a liquid fast involving herbal teas, fresh vegetable broths and fruit juices. As designed by the German doctor Otto Buchinger, the optimal fast length is 10 days, with an introductory day and approximately four days of gradually returning to a normal diet.  

Intermittent Fasting (16:8)

Otherwise known as the 16:8 diet, this type of fasting involves not eating for a 16 hour period overnight and then only eating within the 8 hour window.

Kneipp Diet

Water droplet symbolising the Kneipp hydrotherapy course

The Kneipp Diet is mainly a hydrotherapy course of treatment that can be accompanied either by a healthy, wholefoods diet or a diet with fasting periods built in. With alternating hot and cold water jets circulation and therefore detox is promoted in the body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and alive.

Schroth Diet

Towels symbolsing the Schroth diet which includes morning wet wraps

The Schroth diet comprises only vegetarian food and alternating liquid and dry fasting days. It is accompanied by thermal healing treatments such as cold morning compresses to promote circulation and metabolism.

F.X. Mayr Diet

Milk and bread symbolising the F.X. Mayr diet

The F.X. Mayr diet is a traditional fasting method, also known as the “milk and bread roll” (Milchsemmel) diet, comprising three stages: Relief (diet reduction), Cleansing (liquid fasting), Training (relearning to eat consciously).

Fasting is recommended only under medical supervision when you are in general good mental and physical health, or have a doctor’s recommendation. Check out our fasting holidays, detox retreats and weight loss holidays or if you would like more information read our fasting guide designed to answer all of your most detailed questions!

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