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Acceptance of your own body and self-confidence may be impossible to achieve, without losing weight. Self-acceptance is more than desired if you are healthy, but you dream about a model body in size 6, however when you really struggle with your body mass index and BMI goes over 25 it is time to ring the alarm. Problems with weight management can lead to obesity, which is a serious disease or even disability, which is linked with diabetes, heart diseases and mobility problems.

Short-term diets from colourful magazines do not provide long-term results and they can easily cause yo-yo effect and binge eating disorder as well as bulimia.

Slimming is always difficult, especially if you live in a stressful enviroment and compensate yourself your poor mood with unhealthy snacks or load your stomach with sweets and fast foods because you have no time to cook and eat a proper meal. On holiday it is easier to slow down and focus on your own health. If you go to any of our resorts, you don’t have to worry about cooking or thinking of what you should do. All you need to do is to follow the meal and exercise plan and relax with spa treatments. SpaDreams resorts provide healthy and effective diets as well as detox and fasting programmes, which focus on overall well-being as well as result in weight loss. It is worth remembering that an effective slimming tratment should take at least two weeks, however many guests are happy to book even just a week. Healthy habits learnt on holiday have to be kept after you return home and then you can be sure that you’ll keep your slim body and good mood.

Where to look for help to lose weight?

SpaDreams offers slimming programmes in Germany and Austria, traditional, hospitable and affordable destinations such as Poland, Hungary and Slovakia as well as sunny resorts in Croatia, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Portugal. Classic slimming cures are also offered in Philippines and Thailand.

Alternative to classic diets, can be found in our ayurvedic resorts offering holistic cures, which can focus on slimming if this is the main objective discussed with ayurvedic specialist in the beginning of the treatment. Ayurvedic resorts are placed mainly in India and Sri Lanka, however SpaDreams offers ayurvedic retreats in Europe too.

Beyond weight loss – fasting and detox

If your aim reaches beyond pure weight loss and you feel you need detox or fasting, then you should definitely check out our extensive offer of fasting and detox holidays. Top destination for fasting according to Buchinger (juice fasting), Schroth cure, Kneipp therapy and F. X. Mayr fasting is Germany. Ayurvedic detox originates from India (Kerala Region) and Sri Lanka. 

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