Ayurveda Holidays

Ayurveda Holidays

The Far-Eastern Healing Art for Body & Soul

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Ayurveda holidays: Bringing back the inner balance

Ayurveda – also known as the “knowledge (veda) of life (ayus)” – is one of the oldest healing systems in the world. The holistically oriented ayurvedic treatments focus on the balance between the body, mind and soul and through this, stimulate the energy flows.

At the start of an Ayurveda holiday, every guest undertaking the treatment has a consultation with an in-house ayurvedic doctor who determines the corresponding dosha type, as well as all corresponding ayurvedic treatments, which are carried out to bring the doshas back into balance.

With the help of an ayurvedic diet (predominantly vegetarian), ayurvedic oil massages  (Abhyanga), forehead oil treatments (Shirodharah) and steam baths (Swedana), as well as daily yoga during the Panchakarma treatment, the “toxins” – or the metabolic waste products -  (Ama) are removed from the body. After this  „five-action“ cleansing,  you will leave feeling as good as new.

SpaDreams offers a wide range of wellness and regenerative treatments with Ayurveda programmes. From Ayurveda in Sri Lanka to Ayurveda in India, at SpaDreams you will find everything you could wish for from an Ayurveda holiday. Get back in shape on holiday with SpaDreams and come back home with renewed energy and inner balance.

You can of course choose from a range of Ayurveda holidays in Europe as well. Enjoy a pleasant climate without the jet lag - for example, enjoy an Ayurveda holiday in Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Austria or Germany and experience authentic, Ayurveda treatments and programmes. 

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