From Guest to Guest

We value opinions of our clients. Here are some testaments from guests who have enjoyed their SpaDreams experience.

Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara, Sri Lanka

"Gained  new experience"

"Despite its shortness it was a good rest. Service at the hotel was very good. Always approachable. Treatments were effective and super relaxing. The buffet was varied and there was also some poultry and fish. Very tasty. Room was quite large, but rather functional and simply furnished. It was cleaned thoroughly every day. In the neighbourhood you could find a lot of taxis or a tuc tuc. The beach is ideal for walking, swimming is rather dangerous."

January 2015, Monica S.

Kinga Hotel Wellness, Poland

"We went for a treatment and felt like newborns"

"We wanted relax, detox and slimming, just to do something for our health. We could not have chosen a better hotel. The staff was not only very friendly but also knowledgeable and the applications were carried out with expertise. Very pleasant was the establishment of the spa, fully equipped and very clean. We felt we were looked aftre very well. Considering this, no lift in the hotel, did not bother us. The few stairs have kept us going. We didn’t understand why, but unfortunately very few guests were present, sometimes we were the only guests. Nevertheless, the service was excellent."

January 2015, Ms. G. from Berlin

Tropical Islands Resort, Germany

"Very nice and relaxing stay."

August 2014, Anonymous 

Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea, Jordan

"Fast relax at the Dead Sea"

"After one week tour in Israel, we came into the Movenpick Dead Sea Spa with half board just to relax. I know the hotel building from a previous stay. Unfortunately repairs are urgently needed since been deported and start apparently only now what spoils the impression here and there. Nevertheless, the majority of the staff is very motivated and anxious one for a pleasant stay! So we have seen a very relaxing and enjoyable week spend there - Lazy lying in the sun or feasting on the amazing buffet."

 June 2014Thomas T.

Hotel Miramar Sul, Portugal

"Relax, unwind, enjoy"

"I had a few stressful months behind me, the Hotel Miramar Sul and especially the Slimming thalassotherapy, I booked  has helped me tremendously to escape from the everyday, recovered properly and felt relaxed. The program was just awesome and enjoyable. I was treated like a queen and I will repeat this holiday every year!"

May 2014, Martina K. from Pontresina

Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort, India

"It is wonderful here. Everyone is very exerted and helpful. The meals taste in my opinion extraordinary good. I will, in any case, be your client and guest in the next year again. Even though not for quite a so long period of time... however, I would like to stay more or less three weeks every year. Well, all the best and kind regards to India."

July 2012, Mrs. N. from Frankfurt on the Main

The Begnas Lake Resort & Villas, Nepal

"This is to be recommended to everyone, who is looking for peace in beautiful natural surroundings, in order to be able to refuel oneself and receive the possibility to switch off, for backpackers and for everyone, who is health conscious.

Our trip to the Begnas Lake Resort to Nepal began with the viewing of Katmandu. This attunement of such a welcoming and friendly country should not be missed out at on a Nepal round trip. The first two nights we stayed in the summer hill House in Katmandu. The entire time over the atmosphere was superb, you could even say similar to a family setting.

The flight journey from Katmandu to Pokhara with an eye catching view on the Himalaya Mountains was just wonderful! On a rowing boat we set off over the Begnas Lake to the health resort, located directly by the Lake. There we marveled at an affectionately designed garden area right at the mountain side with an outstanding view on the Lake, the hills and the impressive canopied with snow Himalaya Mountains. One feels a strong and good energy flow here. The welcoming ceremony was very nice and the staff was very friendly and courteous, too.

The restaurant and the bar in the upper part of the health resort area with a nice terrace impress you with an one of a kind view. There is very tasty food, on request even from the Ayurvedean menu/ cuisine. The rooms are big and comfortable with a balcony or a veranda, partially equipped also in an air conditioning system, a hair dryer, a bath tub and a TV. The rooms in the upper floors or respectively located higher up in the health resort give you a sensational splendid panoramic view.

The Himalaya Nature Spa with an Ayurveda centre is ideal for a conventional Ayurveda cure. The competent Ayurveda doctor comes from Kerala, southern India. Two times per day we offer you Yoga & Meditation at sun rise and in the afternoon. The Yoga classes are very informative and beneficial. Backpacker journeys with a tour guide around the surrounding mountains are very much to be recommended, both for your health and the extraordinary views you will see and experiences you will make. The hill side situation with many steps gives you the chance to do on a daily basis something for your health and fitness – a personal fitness programme."

May 2012, Mrs. A. from Berlin

Paradiso Terme Resort & Spa, Italy

"Thank you very much, FIT team, for your tip to travel even just for a short recreational stay/ on the weekend in March to Ischia. I am totally thrilled because of this beautiful island Ischia (sunshine pure) and the hotel Paradiso Terme: with a beautiful garden, each and every plant is green and blossoms, yellow lemons hang on the trees, the atmosphere has a personal and very pleasant character, a splendid location just above Forios (south west side) and the attractive price. Recreation pure awaits you in the thermal basins with about 38 degrees Celsius warm thermal water. You will also enjoy a dream like view from the restaurant and the pool directly on the ocean.

Thank you very much as well for the perfect FIT transfer service. I was picked up directly at the airport and welcomed a FIT driver and accompanied to the appropriate speed boat in the harbor. In Ischia another FIT driver awaited me exactly when I arrived with a FIT shield and took me directly to the hotel.

What a luck and luxury, which I allowed myself. A female fellow passenger, who I met in the airplane and who organized the entire trip herself, told me, that during her journey by bus from the airport in Naples to the harbor someone stole from her handbag a huge sum of money, her passport and even the credit cards.

It is worth going to Inschia even if you are planning to stay there only for two days. (It took me 6,5 hours from my front door in Frankfurt to the hotel Paradiso Terme). Next time I will make sure I prolong the trip to one week or even 10 days plus 2 days in Rome (by train from Naples to Rome you need only 1 hour) and you can take the flight back from Rome. I will allow myself then in the hotel Paradiso Terme one week Detox with great massages (Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Tibet) and cold Fango packages in order to get purged – alternatively I could try the combination of hot thermal water baths and healthy Mediterranean diet, which also gets you purged."

April 2012, Mrs. C. from Frankfurt on the Main

Ayurveda-Kuren-Maho, Sri Lanka

"In January 2012 I have came to enjoy for the first time in my life an Ayurveda cure. I have been and still am very pleased and I would like to accentuate the very caring and full of respect position of all the staff who was engaged in it. I will certainly book another cure at FIT journeys sometime in the future."

February 2012, Mrs. Gerti I. from Göttingen

Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

"Well, once again an entire month passed by since my vacation at the wonderful health resort in Thailand, Kamalaya, ended. The Kamalaya health resort and your tip as to which of their programmes to choose was the best I could do. A belated thank you very much once again for the very good advice and supervision and the perfect service. Let someone say again that it is impossible to book such a great trip via the internet!"


July 2011, Mr. Stefan R. from Düsseldorf

Hotel Ariston Molino Buja, Italy

"Now I would like to give you a short feedback, since I am back home again from my trip to Abano Terme. All of us, but even more so my mother, were totally excited because of all the possibilities in the hotel Ariston Molino. The rooms were in a perfect condition and were situated in a perfect location to the lift as well as to the bathing and swimming pool area. The staff was very eager to help with everything, approaching, friendly, kind and competent. The pool area with its huge garden, in which one could find even in the hottest temperatures shadowy places, was just perfect. We were also thrilled of the evening meals (supper). This hotel is really from A to Z without any doubts to be recommended. Thank you very much for this so great tip."

May 2011, Mr. Jörg S. from Mayence

The Begnas Lake Resort, Pokhara-valley, Nepal

"Health means richness. A life without health is a poor life. Ayurveda can be the key to this health and a rich life."

December 2010, Mr. and Mrs. van Maurik, Switzerland

"The Salvation was excellent. My wife suffers from eye problems since almost 5 years now, and the problems disappeared suddenly almost completely now. This was a huge relief for her and me indeed, as well. My own health condition in general terms improved due to Dr. Mahamood, too."

December 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart

"The cure was really first class standard, very professional."

November 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Leitner

Life Resort, Wadduwa,South of Talpitiya, Sri Lanka

"I stayed entire 4 weeks in Sri Lanka and searched for an Ayurveda cure house, whereby the Ceylonean hotel association recommended the Ayurveda hotel LIFE RESORT to me. I would like to let you know, that I was very pleased, that the hotel was very tidy and that the rooms were always nice and well kept. The equipment of the hotel is very discreet and adjusted. On top of this they have a really well cooking chef in their cuisine, who knows everything from A to Z about the Ayurveda cuisine. I made cures and salvation in India before, too, but such a superb Ayurveda cure as here in the Ayurveda hotel Life Resort I have not had until this day. The Ayurveda cure programme did always work out perfectly, and even the times were kept, what was difficult to achieve, I think.  The staff is very friendly and always eager to give their best. I felt myself the entire time over just as at home.  The prices are very rational and fair. I will come back in 2011 again - with my entire family (6 people)."

September 2010, Mr. Leuenberger from St. Moritz/ Switzerland.

Hotel Európa Fit, Bad Hévíz, Lake Balaton area, Ungarn

"I am 63 years young and I was in May 2010 for the first time in my life on a 2 week journey for cures and salvations in your hotel Europa fit **** sup. I did make my way to Heviz Spa with the hope in my heart to receive abatement of my pains (spinal column problems, hip and hardening in the shoulder and neck areas), since I heard only positive feedbacks and opinions about the well known all over the world health resort in Hungary.

Not only, that I felt myself even during the cure somewhat better, the pains vanished a few weeks after I arrived back home as by a wonder. I feel myself as good and healthy now as I have not in ages. This I owe to the competency and the competency of the female head medic, who set up a therapy plan after a starting medical examination and to the effort of the therapists of the Vitalium, who acted on all occasions competently and careful.
The food was extraordinary tasty and diversified, my room with the view on the pool was very beautiful and comfortable. The events in the house and the organized journeys did enrich my stay in this cure and salvation health resort even more.
This house with these kind and friendly staff, who give their best for the guests deserve it to be recommended further. I will come in October 2010 back."

May 2010, Mrs. P. from Frankfurt on the Main

Mezzatorre Resort & Spa, Forio, Ischia island, Italy

"It was a truly splendid and very nice stay in Italy. We felt ourselves very, very comfortable and home like on the island."

June 2010, Mr. and Mrs. K. from O.

Park Hotel Spa, Bad Flinsberg, Poland

"Well, now we are once again since two 2 weeks back home from our vacation in Bad Flinsberg, Poland, and we still keep our stay there in sweet memory. We would like to let you know, that my wife and I felt ourselves there very comfortable. Our opinion is, as it seems, not just my wife’s and mine opinion, but as well the opinion of all the other guest, as it happens that a majority of them chose to recreate and relax, thus spend their vacation, in Bad Flinsberg, Poland, already the 5th or 6th time. We would like to recommend the park hotel with our entire hearts! Of course, there are other nice hotels within this region, but none of them has such a friendly atmosphere as well as such a superb location. The staff spoke German really on a high level and did their best to satisfy all our wishes.

Many thanks to you for your mediation."

June 2010, Mr. and Mrs. W. from Berlin

Santiburi Golf & Ocean Resort, Insel Koh Samui, Thailand

"I am enthused. Santiburi health resort is a paradise on Earth, an oasis of relaxation and recreation. The health resort is also located in a extremely beautiful region, which makes it easy to let one’s soul hang out and relax. I would like to underline the extraordinary good service – no matter if in the hotel itself, in the rooms or by the pool - unobtrusive, eager to help, just perfect! Here a vacation is not just a vacation, but becomes a recreational adventure. I am happy to make the same trip soon again."

April 2010, Mrs. W. (by phone)

Park Hotel Terme, Abano Terme, Italy

"This hotel deserved it to be recommended. Their service is very good."

January 2010, Mrs. Erna D.

Artepuri Hotel MeerSinn (sense of the ocean) Binz, island of Rügen

"(...) the breakfast buffet was prepared lovely and very tasty, the coffee tasted good and I was each and every morning again eager to get to know the "ocean news". The evening meal (supper) was very well prepared, just as the soups and the dessert were deliciously tasty; in short the cuisine was an enjoyment of a special sort. My explicit appreciation to Mrs. Barth, who did everything she possibly could for her table guests and cared for them with empathy.
Even though I was travelling on my own I felt that I was taken seriously and that every effort was being undertaken by the staff to make me feel at home and comfortable.
My tension imported to Binz made place very quickly for a well doing relaxation. My exhaustion vanished almost immediately. Energetic and with a newly found rhythm, with much more calmness and with a different, new quality of and feeling for life I can now devote myself to my daily tasks. I am of the opinion that the entire concept is right."

October 2009, Mrs. Ingrid P. from Marburg

Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük, Bad Bük, South of Hungary

"My stay in Bad Bük was just good and successful, and not only because of the kilograms I lost (the female client booked "healthy fasting"). All in all was positive - even the weather and I have felt myself very good looked after by the staff. This was my first stay in Bad Bük – but certainly not the last one."

April 2009, Mrs. Karin K. from Aachen

Kamalaya Koh Samui, Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

Excerpts (translated) taken from the guest book of the Kamalaya wellness sanctuary & holistic Spa resort in Koh Samui, Thailand:

"I came into the Kamalaya resort with the expectation to find there a perfect cuisine and excellent wellness salvations, and I was not disappointed at all. However, what I was not expecting at all was the kindness and the attention of the staff…"
August 2008, Ms Jennie Smiedt, Newtown, Australia

„Many thanks that you and your staff cared so much about me during my stay. Everything was just perfect and really well organized. The reception, the bureau, the surrounding area and the maintenance as well as the domestic economy – once again a big thank you to all of you! A special thank you to the gardeners; they work so hard, in order to keep the garden in such a beautiful state. I am happy to see you all again next year!“
April 2008, M. Hagdorn, the Netherlands

"A piece of the sky, an oasis in a world, which is so quick, loud and business like. Kamalaya gives the chance to „slow down“ and to leave everything behind one’s own back or to find (again) the contact and be able to catch up and redefine where one is really standing and going to."
April 2008, L. Lawrie

„Such a nice stay! The days passed by and the weight disappeared. Thank you very much for having showed me the way- both mentally and physically! And thank you very much to the entire pleasant team, to each of you, not least also to the gardeners, who have to work by ridiculous tropical temperatures in this climate throughout the day in the sun. I am planning to return soon to this paradise of yours...“
February 2007, Oliver Stone, Tara and Chong Stone

Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold, Bad Bük, Hungary

"This journey was from A to Z a success story. We were pleasantly surprised. The hotel is great, the rooms are in best order, the buffet is comprehensive and diversified, the Spa area is nice, clean, and the offer all in all very satisfactory.
The Therme is great as well. It is really huge and looked after, and everyone will find something to his or her taste here, we are sure.
We are happy, that we decided to take this package offer. We did recreate and relax very well and we will certainly be taking this offer again at some point in the future. We recommend this place with no hesitation at all.
A very big thank you for your efforts from the very beginning on of this trip. Everything went perfectly fine.
January 2009,
family Ro. from Carinthia

Lotus Villa, Sri Lanka

"My experience with Ayurveda in the Lotus Villa.
Although my decision in favour of the Lotus Villa was at the very beginnings somewhat hesitant due to the prices of the "Ayurveda salvation cure", the professional competence and expertise of the Ayurveda medicine staff, the service, the individual Ayurvedean meals and last but not least of course the very good results did convince me that this has been the right choice. Due to my long lasting chronic illness was this a good decision, because here I have received first class help. The prices meet up to the service and standard.
Thank you very, very much, also for your friendly and competent advice."

September 2008,  Mrs. Barbara M. from R.

Hotel Oceano, Teneriffa island

"The View from my room over the Atlantic ocean was like a dream. Never before did I see swimming pools built right into the ocean and in my opinion they are unique and very nice to swim in. The Detox cure is excellent and I know what I am talking about since I have possibilities of comparison due to the fact that I am FX Mayr member. All applications are thoroughly and carefully undertaken and the entire supervision there is competent and pleasant.
This vacation was a special experience. And there was so much to discover during our journeys and trips and hiking tours into the impressing nature.
I am feeling myself fit and revitalized. Thank you very much again for your good advice and recommendation".

September 2008, Mrs. G. from Frankfurt on the Main