Ayurveda in Europe

Ayurveda in Europe

Rejuvenating Treatments in the Heart of Europe

Authentic Ayurveda in Europe

Searching for an authentic Ayurveda Retreat without having to travel to India or Sri Lanka? Our wide variety of Ayurveda in Europe offers are just what you've been looking for! 

You can receive this high quality, effective healing method in many institutions around the world. Our resorts offering Ayurveda in Europe are run by expert doctors and therapists from India who have grown up in a culture immersed in Ayurveda and are well-equipped to provide you with all the treatments you need

The cleansing and purification procedures are arranged by a specialist, and a doctor will prescribe an Ayurvedic diet for you based on your constitution type, or Dosha

Enjoy all of the benefits of authentic Ayurveda in luxury hotels across Europe

Ayurveda Island Resorts in Europe

Madeira (Portugal) is an excellent destination, where you can experience an authentic Ayurvedic stay at Hotel Alpino Atlantico which has a light ayurveda programme 'Ayurveda on Madeira', as well as complete a Ayurvedic Panchakarma programme on offer. The hotel also welcomes guests who do not wish to undertake Ayurveda themselves and are there to accompany another guest who is taking ayurvedic treatments. 

We also recommend the islands of Tenerife and Mallorca (Spain). Our partner hotel Ayurveda Mallorca - House of Silence offers a wide range of programmes, including an extremely rare combination of Fasting according to Buchinger with Ayurveda (fasting adopted to Ayurvedic teachings). This specialist Ayurvedic healing centre is far from a tourist orientated beach resort and provides the optimum conditions for Ayurvedic cures. Hotel Botanico & Oriental Spa Garden specialises in light Ayurveda and anti-stress programmes.

Why Europe?

There are many reasons why we recommend Ayurveda in Europe

  • Long-haul flight, as well as jet lag and the climate of the south of Asia, could potentially have a negative effect if your health is poor.
  • Ayurveda in Europe incurs fewer travel expenses.
  • The weather in Europe is more stable and predictable than the weather in South Asia.
  • The specialists, therapists and chefs employed at the majority of our Ayurveda hotels in Europe come from India or Sri Lanka and gained their skills there.
  • The treatments in our resorts in Europe meet the European safety requirements.

Alternatives to Ayurveda in Europe

    If you would like to travel to Asia for an oriental Ayurveda experience, browse our numerous offers in the following destinations:

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