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The Dead Sea is renowned for its unique climate and natural healing properties. For centuries, people with psoriasis have travelled to the Dead Sea to improve their skin condition.

Lying 1,200 feet below sea level, water in the Dead Sea is ten times more salty than that of any other ocean on the planet and it boasts rich minerals and therapeutic properties. The dense atmosphere blocks out harmful radiation, allowing guests to spend extended periods of time in the sun and to tan in a healthy manner. The extraordinary conditions of the Dead Sea and the specialist cures offered at our carefully designed Dead Sea spa resorts and hotels make it the ideal location for treating psoriasis.

Stress, skin injuries and certain medications and infections are considered to be the main triggers of psoriasis. Hot mineral baths, special detox diets, meditation, and relaxing massages have greatly helped numerous psoriasis sufferers to relieve their symptoms.

Those wishing to stay closer to home can visit our highly professional psoriasis cure hotels in Europe, designed to mimic the conditions of the Dead Sea. Our hotel and wellness centre partners strive to create a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere to help treat psoriasis in a pleasant manner. In some cases, Ayurvedic cures have also proven to be an effective treatment for psoriasis. 

Psoriasis vulgaris, Psoriasis pustulosa and Psoriasis arthropathica: our select spa resorts offer the best treatments, settings and climatic conditions to help our guests to heal. 

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