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Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatments

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The Road to Recovery with a Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment

For decades, people suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema have been visiting this unique location to find healing and relaxation. The high saturation of minerals such as sodium, magnesium and potassium, as well as the clean, dry air and lower UV rays all contribute to the ideal climate for healing from skin problems. Now with state of the art resorts and medical centres, the banks of the Dead Sea have become one of the most popular and yet not overcrowded health destinations.

As you browse through the Jordan and Israel resorts below, you’ll see that each is set in its own palm tree-lined grounds, merely seconds away from the stunning Dead Sea beaches. Due to its hypersaline waters, the Dead Sea doesn’t support animal life, making your swim totally free from any worries of jellyfish or sea creatures. Many visitors report an atmosphere of spiritual peace, as the quiet of the desert and the lapping of the sea's waters at the shore create total relaxation.

All resorts also offer facilities such as restaurants and shops, which are conveniently situated close to local amenities. The staff are both knowledgeable and friendly, so if there is anything extra you need, don't hesitate to ask. For more information about where to stay and when, check out our extensive page dedicated to Health Spa Hotels at the Dead Sea.

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