Psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis Treatment

Find Your Personal Treatment for Psoriasis

More and more people are searching for natural remedies and therapies for chronic conditions, psoriasis being no exception to this. Modern medicine offers psoriasis treatment in the form of corticosteroid creams, which come with their own set of problems if used long-term. Keep reading to find information on psoriasis and some alternative therapies that can be helpful and effective!

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Psoriasis treatment

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a condition that affects the skin which accelerates the life cycle of cells. The condition ranges from mild (less than 3% of the skin is affected) to severe (more than 10% of skin affected) and includes symptoms like dry and cracked skin that tends to bleed, red and itchy patches and scaling, as well as swollen and stiff joints, also known as psoriatic arthritis. Here the patient tends to have painful joints that often feel warm due to inflammation. This commonly causes swollen fingers and toes and is accompanied by back or foot pain. 

Approximately 125 million people around the world are affected by psoriasis, many of which also develop psoriatic arthritis. This condition can present itself at any age, but most patients tend to exhibit their first symptoms between the ages of 15 and 25, and advance to psoriatic arthritis between the 30 and 50.

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Psoriasis Signs and Symptoms

Aside from the common symptoms, psoriasis is often accompanied with many consequences for their quality of life, particularly for many women. Patients experience a physical impact such as pain and discomfort, which limits the activities they may undertake, a psychological impact, such as being more self-conscious about their image, and social implications, such as a tendency to avoid social gatherings or meeting new people.

Psoriasis treatment holiday

Causes of Psoriasis and Traditional Treatment

Nobody is completely sure about the cause of psoriasis; however, certain known triggers could worsen the condition, including stress, smoking, vitamin deficiencies, and more. There is also no known cure for psoriasis, simply medications and measures that patients can take to minimize discomfort and symptoms. Psoriasis treatment typically includes a psoriasis cream of topical corticosteroids, which tends to thin the skin or even cease to work after a while. This is where the search for alternative therapies begins, to help alleviate symptoms without having to reach for modern medication or chemical remedies.

Natural Psoriasis Treatments Using Alternative Medicine

Thankfully many of our hotels are just as interested in helping those affected by psoriasis as we are. Together with physicians and experts, they have designed great programmes to help tackle these symptoms and promote lasting relief. It is not only a good way to unwind and destress – stress being a common trigger for psoriasis flare ups – but also an opportunity to meet people facing the same problems.

As each individual patient is different and the condition varies greatly from one person to the next, we offer various types of psoriasis treatments that are based on natural remedies and alternative therapies. When consulting with the local experts, ask how to get rid of psoriasis symptoms that are unique to your case. It is not just the terrific psoriasis therapies, but also the knowledge and understanding of personnel and medical staff that round off these programmes.

The Main Types of Treatments for Psoriasis

Climate therapy at the Dead Sea is the most sought after holiday to alleviate psoriasis signs and symptoms. There is no place like it on Earth! The salt lake is around 430 meters below sea level, which influences humidity, UV exposure, and atmospheric composition. Find out more about the Dead Sea and its unique climate here! Local physicians have developed a holistic psoriasis therapy that takes advantage of all of the natural resources offered here, from the muds and salts to the low UV exposure. Doctors will also take a look at your medical history and current psoriasis medication in order to create an individualised treatment plan.

Experts recommend staying a minimum of 2 weeks for a psoriasis treatment, although some will still accept guests for shorter stays. Some climate therapies are often seasonal, which is important to keep in mind when booking!


Ayurveda is also well known for its restorative and healing properties, using local ingredients and holistic medicine to treat a variety of conditions, including psoriasis therapy. Ayurvedic centers in India and Sri Lanka house Ayurveda doctors and experts who are trained not to just treat the specific symptoms, but the body as a whole. The holistic therapy aims to tackle not only the physical manifestations of the condition, but also to treat the mind and soul with relaxing exercises such as yoga and meditation.

We offer bathing treatments in Europe that use local thermal or mineral water to treat the condition as well as hotels that emulate the Dead Sea, including special UV sunbathing and salt baths. This is a great alternative psoriasis treatment if you don’t have the time or opportunity to visit Jordan or Israel. Hotels in countries such as Germany or Cyprus offer specialized bathing treatments in pools, whereas Italy provides for bathing therapies coupled together with their local specialty, namely fango treatments.


Fango therapy, also known as mud therapy, offers relief using the mineral-rich muds harvested from local sources. This therapy is often prescribed by doctors for the specific properties such as the levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iodine, usually related to a variety of skin conditions and arthritis.




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Booking Your Psoriasis Treatment Holiday

The most important and deciding factor when booking your holiday is the type of psoriasis therapy you would like to have. This will not only determine the course of treatment that is best suited to you, but also usually decide the length of your holiday. Although most resort doctors will say the longer the better, bathing and fango treatments tend to be doable in a week. If you’re living in Europe, it also tends to be easier to go for short holidays when you feel a psoriasis flare up might start.

Destinations like Jordan, Israel, India and Sri Lanka are usually further away and tend to be only worth embarking on those long flights of you plan a longer stays. Also, both Ayurvedic doctors and doctors at the Dead Sea will advocate that these psoriasis treatments are most effective if done for a minimum of 14 nights. This will help you get the most out of your holiday and therapy.

If this is one of your first times going on a psoriasis treatment holiday, it is also advised that you book a psoriasis package. This will include not only your medical visits, which will give you valuable guidance and advice as well as a treatment plan for your stay, but many of the remedies that may be prescribed and often some treatments that would be beneficial. These packages are designed with the condition in mind and to help you benefit from the holiday long after you have returned home.

As the severity and manifestation of psoriasis varies greatly between individuals, it is advised that you consult with your dermatologist about these therapies prior to booking a psoriasis treatment, particularly if you are unsure which is right or have never tried one of them before. If your doctor has advised or prescribed something very particular, feel free to mention this to one of our travel experts and they will help you select the right hotel and therapy!




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Tips from Our Experts

As beneficial as these types of psoriasis treatment holidays are, they tend to be more expensive than a simple beach or relaxation holiday. We’ve asked our travel experts to put together some of the most helpful tips to help you get the most for your money:

1. A lot of these destinations, particularly the Dead Sea as well as India and Sri Lanka, are prone to changes in price for seasonality. For example, when the temperatures at the Dead Sea start to reach their peak (June – August), prices tend to drop quite a bit. If you are happy in climates that reach more than 35°C, this could be a great time to visit!

2. Booking half board is usually more than enough. The breakfast buffets tend to be enough to last until dinner. Sometimes you can just get a small snack or a smoothie at one of the restaurants. If you notice you do eat more, you can still upgrade to full board on site.

3. Hotels often offer long stay bonuses, either offering discounts, room upgrades, or bonuses to guests who book longer than 14 or 21 nights.

4. Book a psoriasis treatment package! Booking individual medical visits or treatments on site tend to get very pricey, very quickly. If you already know that you would like medical care or some treatments, consider booking a package up front. It will also just be one less thing to think about once on site!

FAQ: Living with Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a condition that affects the lifecycle of cells by speeding it up. It can present as only a skin condition, resulting dry, cracked skin and scaling, but it can also present together with psoriatic arthritis, with symptoms that mimic rheumatoid arthritis.

Is Psoriasis contagious?

It is not contagious. Although symptoms may look like a rash, it cannot be transmitted by contact with a person who has the condition.

Is Psoriasis curable?

There is currently no known cure for Psoriasis. There are many Psoriasis treatments and therapies designed to help alleviate symptoms and minimize discomfort and a Psoriasis flare up. This ranges from modern medicine, such as corticosteroids to alternative therapies. When looking for help with psoriasis, many people turn to natural remedies such as climate therapy, Ayurveda, bathing therapy or fango therapy.