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Medical weight loss programmes, unlike popular diets and training fads, examine the deep-rooted health factors that lead to weight fluctuations. Your experienced doctor will prescribe certain lifestyle and dietary changes to help combat these issues, with these manageable tricks ensuring you can continue gradual weight loss even after the end of your stay.

Our wellness resorts are spread out across the globe, meaning your medical weight loss programme will be surrounded by exotic landscapes. From spa resorts that offer holistic treatments and weight coaching to speciality hotels that look after precise dietary restrictions, we offer every option, so you're bound to find the perfect medical weight loss for you. 

Each of our resorts is hand picked for its facilities and location. The medical weight loss breaks offered by SpaDreams can include an individualised weight loss plan, to help find the perfect method of shedding pounds for you, as well as a series of treatments to complement your weight loss and eating plan. 

Furthermore, at SpaDreams you can be certain that your medical weight loss holiday will be in a stunning location, with world-class facilities, all at a guaranteed best price. 

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