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Weight loss treatments on your spa breaks are all about smart, sustainable and safe methods that really work. Forget those drastic faddy diets, miraculous overnight weight-loss foods or even gruelling fitness rituals. Make the process of slimming easy and fun, with a proven weight loss treatment at one of our stunning spa resorts and wellness centres. From changing your food consumption habits to embracing an active lifestyle to effectively managing your stress, our choice of weight loss treatments takes a holistic and natural approach to achieve your weight loss goals.

Perhaps you are not much of a gym person, but adore the outdoors. Then why not try our extraordinary 'Activity Holidays' and do some hiking, biking or walking while comfortably staying in one of our handpicked spa resorts. Combining challenging yet fun-filled outdoor activities with balanced diet and therapeutic massages, these Activity Holidays can do wonders when it comes to getting fit and slim.

For sea lovers, Thalassotherapy weight loss treatments are a great pick. With saltwater baths, guided ionised-air sea walks, water aerobics and a range of unique Thalasso massages, they promise to deliver. Indoor or outdoor, ancient therapies or modern techniques, SpaDreams ensures you experience the absolute best of weight loss treatments in the world.

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