ayurvedic diet package

Ayurveda Diet Packages

Discover the benefits of ayurvedic nutrition

Bring your doshas into balance

Ayurveda diet holidays are available in many locations and will be a memorable and truly relaxing break. A tranquil atmosphere awaits you in any of our establishments, ensuring you will get the most from your break, with many well-equipped hotels close to nature. Professional Ayurveda doctors and nurses are on hand to take care of your every need, while offering expert advice and support. 

Ayurvedic diet holidays have long been used by many to totally relax and rejuvenate away from the stress of everyday life. The ancient medicine system offers a highly individualised approach and with a Ayurveda diet holiday, you are guaranteed to feel totally at ease, whilst also shedding the pounds. The personalised Ayurvedic plan is designed to cure the entire body, leaving you feeling totally revived and relieved. 

SpaDreams hand pick their Hotels in order to make sure that you receive the highest quality Ayurveda diet holiday. With world-class facilities in exotic locations, you can rest assured your every need will be taken care of whilst you improve your health with a Ayurveda diet holiday. Why not try an authentic Ayurveda Diet Holiday in Sri Lanka?

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