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Wellness refers to a state of complete mental, social and physical health, not merely the absence of disease or illness. Ayuredic medicine, massages, yoga, and an Ayurvedic diet are all key components of mental health and wellness according to Ayurveda. But how is wellness promoted and what are some of the emotional and psychological improvements you can expect to see with Ayurveda?

Attention to Life Force

Whilst modern day mental health therapy often focuses solely on the mind, Ayurveda looks at all the energies and ailments of the body as a whole and considers other origins for troubles in the brain’s chemistry. It suggests that everything we are made of, including our level of wellness, is energy in different intensities and flows – these flows are otherwise known as life force.

Life force or energy flows through the Chakras, the Nadis and the Srotas. These are physiological locations at key points on our bodies, such as the back of the neck or the base of the spine. If one of these gets blocked (by a build-up of physical/emotional toxicity (ama)), then Prana will be impeded. What also happens is a negative space is created and doshas become unbalanced or overloaded, filling up the empty space that would otherwise have the balancing Prana. This can lead to different types of depression, anxiety, or a general lack of wellness. (Consult our Ayurveda Glossary to review technical terminology.)

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A Return to Nature

As living beings we are as much a part of nature as any other animal, and so when we violate so-called “natural laws”, i.e. go against our nature, it affects our health. Whilst there are many arguments about what constitutes authentic human nature, Ayurvedic teaching generally views things like processed foods, staying awake at night, overworking and overeating to be violations of how we would naturally be, if we lived away from the pressures and obligations of modern society.

At our Ayurveda retreats you will be encouraged to go to bed with the sun and eat your most substantial meals at lunch time, when your metabolism is highest. Night time indigestion and desynchronicity with natural rhythms can block your Prana. Just as clouds block out the sun, your potential wellness may not shine through if there are blockages in your prana.

Assessing Negativity

After your Ayurveda doctor has determined any imbalances in doshas, you will start to see how awareness of this can help you tackle negative thinking or depression. Learn more about the assessment of doshas in Ayurvedic medicine. Depending on your dosha constitution, you might experience different types of negativity:

  • Vata – Space and Air - Negativity or depression will often be coupled with anxiety and insomnia.
  • Pitta – Fire and Water – Negativity surfaces as jealousy, anger and hostility. You are still very functional because of an excess of cortisol.
  • Kapha – Earth and Water – Negativity surfaces as lethargy, lack of motivation and dullness. Can also result in excessive sleep and eating.

These emotions can result in vicious cycles or patterns of unhealthy habits, and sometimes an Ayurveda retreat is exactly what you need to break the cycle. In Ayurveda, digestion of experience in a healthy and conscious way is as important as the way you digest food.

Stress Reducing Treatments

There are many more treatments than the two listed below, as can be seen on our Ayurveda Treatments page, but perhaps these will give you an idea of the sort of thing to expect from Ayurveda.

  • Shirodhara forehead treatments: In this classic therapy warm herbal oil or herbal milk is poured on the forehead in a continuous stream. As this is an area with a high concentration of nerves, the herbs penetrate into the nervous system. It drastically leads to a state of relaxation similar to deep meditation, and thus drastically reduced stress.
  • Abhyanga oil massages: Sesame oil (often with specific herbs depending on your dosha) is used in this massage. It is particularly recommended as a way of calming aggravated Vata energies. Ancient Ayurveda texts even suggest that you carry out this massage on yourself daily, as it promotes skin circulation and nourishes tissue. As stress and toxins dissolve, an Abhyanga massage will leave you recharged and invigorated.

Gentler Ayurveda Programs

The key aspects of Ayurveda wellness are offered at many of our luxury Ayurveda hotels as standalone experiences and do not necessitate the more intense phase of Ayurveda that is Panchakarma. Ayurveda Wellness holidays are therefore perfect for those who do not feel they need the more intense, traditional Ayurveda, or for those who want to be introduced more gently to this south Asian healing technique.

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