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Relax and indulge with the Ayurveda wellness treatments! In many Ayurveda hotels, ayurvedic massages form part of the standard programme and a crucial component of the cure. However, many Ayurveda hotels also offer "Ayurveda Light" programmes, which offer their guests the opportunity to discover the world of this far-eastern cure and revitalise their soul with energising treatments.

Shirodhara forehead treatments and Abhyanga oil massages are fantastic for reducing stress and add an oriental twist to a classic wellness holiday. Yoga and meditation also derive from the Vedic scripts Ayurveda is rooted in and can be combined with Ayurveda wellness programmes to gain clarity of mind as well as soothing your body. 

Combine an Ayurveda wellness holiday with a trip to India or Sri Lanka for a true taste of the far-east and a chance to discover the rich cultural heritage, sensational cuisine and picturesque beaches of the two countries most intrinsically linked to Ayurveda.  

Alternatively, an Ayurveda holiday in Europe is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into Ayurveda before committing to a longer holiday in Asia. Professional and experienced Ayurvedic doctors offer a wide variety of soothing Ayurveda wellness treatments in a number of our hotels in Europe.  

Please note, Ayurveda wellness should not be confused with an intense ayurvedic cure (Panchakarma). Our expert customer service team is more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect Ayurveda holiday for you.

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